Forever Lazy

Fleece Onesie Creators Rally Slackers for ‘Lazy Sunday’

From the guys who brought us the Forever Lazy, a full-body one-piece fleece (not to be confused with Snuggies and Slankets), comes a campaign to veg out this weekend in honor of daylight saving time. Dubbed "Lazy Sunday"—an obvious homage to Saturday Night Live's early viral video hit—the marketers are asking us to willfully waste that extra hour we get this weekend by setting our clocks back. In fact, go ahead and chuck the whole day. Tyler Galganski and Dave Hibler, childhood friends who launched the Forever Lazy line and landed on Bloomberg Businessweek’s hot young entrepreneurs list in 2010, see an opportunity to hawk giant onesies in connection with this antiquated time maneuver. The well-rested pair hopes to make the national screw-off day an annual event. Who’s in? And in case you don’t have enough slacker ideas of your own, Galganski and Hibler have thrown together some low-tech, low-budget videos to help you squander what you’ll never get back. You can check them out after the jump.

Forever Lazy bodysuits, for the infant in you

Is the Snuggie too dignified for you? Then hop into a Forever Lazy one-piece fleece bodysuit, and really call it quits. Same garish colors as the Snuggie, same soothing fabric. […]