Ford Fusion

CBS Sees Potential for Mid-Market Advertisers in Twitter Amplify

To say that David Morris, CBS Interactive chief customer officer, is bullish on Twitter would be an understatement. The media exec called Twitter "the No. 1 social network in the world"—no mention of little old Facebook—while revealing his company had joined the Twitter Amplify program at Advertising Week today in New York.

Nascar Goes All-In With Green Initiative

As part of an ongoing eco-friendly initiative, Nascar on Sunday will roll out a new spot designed to illustrate how its drivers and corporate partners are chipping in to help make the planet a little greener.

Ford Puts Blog Fans in Driver’s Seat

A few weeks ago, auto enthusiasts Clay Smith and Rob Scafidi were posting random comments on the car blog Jalopnik about the 2013 Ford Fusion.

Your Brand Here

Most of today’s racing fans are too young to remember the days when moonshiners souped up their Chevys and Fords to outrun the cops, their hot pursuits on the back roads giving birth to Nascar in 1948. But there is one thing that fans miss about the old days: Those Chevys and Fords actually looked like Chevys and Fords.

Twitter, ESPN to Stream Bowl Game Replays via Tweets

Twitter may or may not be a media company, but it’s sure making moves in that direction, positioning itself as a de facto media distributor.

Fast Chat: Ford’s Jim Farley Talks ‘Fusion’ Marketing

Ford Motor Company earlier today unveiled the 2013 Fusion model, which will go on sale this fall behind a big integrated push from the brand and spokesperson Ryan Seacrest.