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New York’s Stellar Coverage of the Craziest Election in History Makes It Magazine of the Year

The longest presidential campaign any of us can remember—with one of the most shocking outcomes, at least to the media—not only dominated our consciousness and conversation in 2016, it also […]

Facetime: Fall’s Most Fashionable Media Stars Enjoy the Season

Conde Nast, Hearst and Rodale hosted fetes for its publications; Kat Gordon brought the 3 Percent conference to New York; and Theranos’ CEO Elizabeth Holmes spoke at the Fortune Global […]

Yahoo Style’s Joe Zee Talks Snapchat, Food Mags and Chrissy Teigen

Specs Who Joe Zee Age 46

Hearst Touts Live Events at ‘Magazine Upfront’

This afternoon at its New York headquarters, Hearst Magazines held what it’s calling “the very first magazine Upfront,” where it showcased new content for the coming year for an audience of media buyers and marketers.

Hot List: Adweek Editors Pick Print Finalists

The Restaurant Business Is Like the News Business, Says Geoffrey Zakarian

Specs Who Geoffrey Zakarian Age 54

Hearst Boasts Record-Breaking March

After a strong showing in September, Hearst Magazines is looking to clean up again with its March issues on the strength of fashion, retail, luxury and beauty ads.

Grown-up Food Brands Are After Your Kids

For years, marketers created kid-friendly versions of adult foods—Frosted Flakes are essentially sugar-coated corn flakes, for example. But lately, there’s been a push toward food marketing with the whole family in mind.

‘Food & Wine’ to Translate ‘Top Chef’ Into Print

Can Food & Wine go where Food Network Magazine and Every Day With Rachael Ray have gone? In the latest effort to parlay a TV brand into print, Food & Wine will publish a 24-page section in its January issue called Top Chef Magazine.

Shake-up at Rachael Ray’s Magazine

As if the shake-up at the top of Reader’s Digest Association weren't enough, one of its marquee brands is going through its own upheaval.