Many Florists Barely Break Even on Valentine’s Day

As you read this, Americans are in the process of dropping $1.9 billion on Valentine’s Day flowers—much of it going to buy the 224 million roses grown just for the amorous holiday.

Wear the True Scent of Downtown

C’mon, admit it: Haven’t you always wanted to find a perfume that’ll make you smell just like downtown Chicago? Well, that day has arrived. (And cool out: The scent is far more pleasant than hot asphalt and taxi exhaust.)

This Year, Give Mom a Dogfight

Mother’s Day (better get moving, people, it’s 13 days away) will see Americans spend just shy of $19 billion this year, according to the National Retail Federation. Chances are, nobody needs help guessing how that money will be spent: 83 percent of people will give mom a greeting card, per the NRF, and 66 percent will opt to furnish mom with flowers.

Teleflora’s talking flowers turn into slackers

Teleflora's "Talking Flowers" campaign, which debuted with that somewhat harsh office spot on the Super Bowl, continues with this Mother's Day commercial above, done by the florist's in-house agency, Firestation […]