Condé Nast’s Latest Digital Move

Magazine publishers have been criticized for being slow to meet advertisers’ demands for performance metrics, but Condé Nast is taking a step in that direction with an investment in Flite, a cloud-based platform that lets brands measure and adjust their ads in real time.

NewsCred Helps Brands Become Publishers

With the brands-as-publishers movement well under way, new partnerships are popping up to help marketers engage audiences and allow publishers to spread their content further across the Web.

Should Verizon Data Caps Scare Mobile Startups and Advertisers?

The age of limitless data on your smartphone may be coming to an end.

On-the-Fly Tweaks by Flite

Will Price says finding the product at a technology startup is a lot like Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart’s definition of pornography: “You know it when you see it.” At Flite, the ad platform company where Price is the CEO, that process actually happened twice.