How Passive-Aggressive Is Instagramming Your Food?

"Stop!” Your dinner date commands just as that piping hot, delicious-looking steak is being placed in front of you. Knife and fork at the ready, you look up, stunned, like a deer in headlights, by a phone camera’s flash as your date snaps a picture of your dinner. 

Flickr Flips Its ‘About’ Page Upside Down, Revealing Fossilized Job Ad in the Source Code

Back in the aughts, when Google wanted to recruit developers, it famously put up a billboard with a complex math problem that led to a website with an even more complex math problem.

Flickr Recruits Coders With Ads Hidden in Its Website’s Source Code

Lots of companies advertise their job openings to the ends of the earth, which we can't really fault in this economy.

Mayer Talks Tumblr Plans, Unveils New Flickr

Yahoo plans to lean on its search technology to help users discover more great content on Tumblr, the company’s new $1.1 billion acquisition. And Tumblr will help Yahoo reach a younger, more visual driven crowd.

Voice: Moving Pictures

Let’s officially call 2012 the Year of the Imagesphere. To review: Facebook says its users upload more than 300 million photos per day (up from 31 million in 2009). To support this massive interest in photo sharing, the company acquired Instagram in April for $1 billion.

A Treasure Trove of Great, Weird Advertising Characters

The Flickr group Weird Advertising Characters is misleadingly named. It should be called Awesome Advertising Characters, because every single picture in here is a winner. Whoever came up with Cheesus is due for some kind of design prize or presidential commendation, and the "Poo! Poo!" Whoopie Cushion graphic is a timeless piece of Americana, right up there with baseball and heart disease. Well, OK, I guess the Clown Motel is kinda weird, but it's probably no worse than any other unfranchised roadside hotel. More images after the jump. Via Laughing Squid.

London Fights Back With Social Media

Last night, unrest in London continued. A massive police presence in the city was still unable to keep rioters and looters at bay. Trouble is also spreading, with rioting reported in Manchester, Liverpool, and other English cities. In the wake of violence, Londoners have begun to use social media tools to fight back against those terrorizing their city’s streets.

The Royal Wedding Prepares to Go Viral

The royal wedding on April 29 is now only a click (or two) away.