Flash Mobs

L.A. Adman Helps Bring Caine’s Arcade to the World

"Caine's Arcade," which has taken the country by storm in recent days, tells the tale of an imaginative kid and the ability of social media to unite people and make dreams come true. Awww, don't you just hate sappy, reaffirms-your-faith-in-humanity stuff like that? Of course you don't. The 11-minute film by Nirvan Mullick, a partner at L.A.

Faith-Based Flash Mob Goes Viral for Jesus

The Second Baptist Church in Houston got more than 2,000 people together to bust some pretty weak moves for Christ over the Easter holiday. The "Dance Your Shoes Off!" event, captured in the video below (which has proved quite popular on YouTube), served two masters—God, obviously, and also charity.