Federal Trade Commission

Advocacy Groups Lambast Big Brands and YouTube for Junk Food Ads Aimed at Kids

A pair of advocacy groups today took YouTube and major brands to task for junk-food videos allegedly appearing on the YouTube Kids smartphone app, asking the Federal Trade Commission to investigate their practices.

Wikipedia Tells Marketers and PR Reps to Come Clean

Wikipedia is getting tough on marketers that corrupt entries for brands, products and individuals. The site—whose content about every topic known to man is curated by an army of unpaid public editors—is trying to limit paid postings, or at least force more disclosure when editors are paid.

Snapchat Settles With the FTC Over Broken Privacy Promises

Snapchat, an app that promised messaging privacy, broke those promises to users, the Federal Trade Commission said Thursday. The hot startup agreed to settle with the FTC over charges it had deceived users about the ephemeral nature of its video and text message "snaps."

White House Worried About Use of Big Data to Discriminate

The White House report on big data and privacy, due out this week, will call out the potential use of big data as a way to discriminate or take advantage of vulnerable consumers, the Associated Press reported.

Top 10 Reasons Not to Buy Google Glass

Google Glass goes on sale for one day today, stoking fears among privacy hawks that the wearable tech is a menace to consumer privacy. The one-day limited sale is part of Google's Glass Explorer program launched in 2012 to test the device before it's offered to the general market.

FTC Tells Facebook to Preserve WhatsApp Privacy Pledge

The Federal Trade Commission warned Facebook that it must stick to its word about maintaining WhatsApp's privacy policies.

Senate Confirms Terrell McSweeny to FTC

The Federal Trade Commission is back up to its full strength Wednesday after the Senate voted 95-1 to confirm Terrell McSweeny to be the third Democratic commissioner on the five-member agency, giving the Democrats on the commission a majority.

FTC’s Data Security Case Against Wyndham Worldwide Moves Forward

In a victory for the Federal Trade Commission, a federal judge declined to dismiss the agency's data security case against Wydham Worldwide Hotels, allowing it to move forward.

Jerk.com Jerked Around Consumers, FTC Says

How's this for an online racket? Surreptitiously grab information from Facebook to create tens of millions of profiles labeling people a "jerk" or "not a jerk" and then charge people $30 to revise their online profiles.

FTC Dings Cole Haan for Wandering Sole Promo on Pinterest

Cole Haan's recent Wandering Sole promotional contest with Pinterest got it a slap on the wrist from the Federal Trade Commission.