Father's Day

The 4 Types of Dads Marketers Need to Know This Father’s Day

Father's Day is upon us and, naturally, it is a time when marketers shift their gaze toward dads. We can expect big sales on cars, ties, khakis, 55-inch flatscreen TVs, grills, brats and lawn mowers.

6 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Creative and Techie Dads

This week, the Adweek staff is highlighting Bel & Bel's Vespa-inspired desk chair, a smart grill and more goods that are perfect for Father's Day gifting.

Today’s Dads Call Band-Aid Their No. 1 Best-Perceived Brand

As Father's Day approaches, what brand do dads think of most highly? Turns out it's Band-Aid.

Real Guys React to Learning They’ll Be Dads in Dove’s Charming Ode to Father’s Day

And now, for something completely different from Dove: A Father's Day ad.Via footage culled from across the Internet, Dove's Men+Care division treats us to to the spontaneous, real-life reactions of 12 different guys as they learn they are going to be fathers. "Real strength means showing you care, even from the very first moment," we're told.

Infographic: Need a Father’s Day Gift? These Are the Top 10 Brands Dads Desire

With Father's Day just a few days away, Y&R has released a new study showing how the modern dad differs from his ancestors.

Masculinity Gets a Modern Makeover in Getty Images’ Newest Stock Art Collection

Stock photography is everywhere, and a lot of it reinforces traditional gender roles.

Johnsonville Imagines the Humor and Horror of Everything Becoming Bratwurst on Father’s Day

How do you create the perfect Father's Day? By turning everything around Dad into bratwurst.That's the lesson of Johnsonville's new "Bratfast in Bed" spots from Droga5. The ads debut online today and will be promoted on social media in the run-up to the June 21 holiday.

Sarah Harbaugh and Jon Gruden Fight the Scourge of ‘Dad Pants’ for Dockers

Dockers prepares men for fatherhood, among other things, in these two videos from Red Tettemer O'Connell + Partners, timed to Father's Day.

4 Brands Bet on Social and Mobile to Boost Father’s Day Campaigns

Marketers are gung-ho on playing up photo-sharing and social media this year to tap into the power of dad, as seen in Father’s Day campaigns from Ace Hardware, Craftsman, Dremel and O2X.

Dove’s New Ad Shows What Dads Really Do

Dove Men+Care’s digital campaign for Father’s Day riffs off the idea that dads are sick of their Ward Cleaver image and want credit for changing diapers, making dinner and consoling heartbroken teens. But this creative isn’t all touchy-feely—it’s based on some hard data.