Fantasy Football

DraftKings and FanDuel Ban Staffers From Playing Fantasy Football for Money

Within hours of each other on Wednesday, DraftKings and FanDuel banned their employees fr

5 Reasons Your Office Should Play Fantasy Football

The NFL season kicks off Sept. 10 when the Pittsburgh Steelers visit the New England Patriots. In the meantime, millions of fantasy football players will draft, tweak and agonize over their respective squads. According to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association, nearly 57 million people have played fantasy sports this year, up from 27 million players in 2009.

Fake Commercial Actors Battle to Run Their ESPN Fantasy Football League in W+K Ads

You didn't know this, but cheesy commercial actors all know each other, they compete in ESPN fantasy football leagues together, and they all battle to be commissioner—even daydreaming about it while they're supposed to be working.

How Daily Fantasy Sports Became a Heavyweight in the Advertising World

It seems these days sports fans can't catch a game on TV or listen to sports talk radio without being hit with ads for daily fantasy sports (DFS). While fantasy sports have enjoyed a long run, with digital giants ESPN, Yahoo and CBS capturing the attention of sports-crazed gamers, a daily form of drafting players and tracking teams is exploding in popularity.

Football Fans Are Going Even Bigger Toward Mobile Than You Probably Think

We knew going into this season that fantasy football diehards were probably going to be glued to their smartphones and tablets like never before.

L.A. Dodgers’ Adrian Gonzalez Spends His Offseason Playing Fantasy Football

Specs Who Adrian Gonzalez Age 32 Claim to fame Los Angeles Dodgers first baseman; winner of the 2014 Silver Slugger Award, Golden Glove Award and Fielding Bible Award

Buffalo Bills Combine Social Media and Fantasy Football to Find New Fans

In early October, the Buffalo Bills and Independent Health issued a six-week competitive diet and exercise challenge for the football team's fans.

ESPN Thinks Women Need ‘Relationship-Based Rankings’ to Grasp Fantasy Football

ESPN thinks Fantasy Football is too complicated for the female brain to understand, so it's simplifying the stats into terms women will comprehend by posting "relationship-based rankings."

Everything You Should Know About This Year’s Fantasy Football Apps [Video]

With fantasy football players increasingly going mobile, league hosts are updating their apps to meet player demands. Adweek reviewed the top four in the game—ESPN, NFL, CBS Sports and Yahoo—to figure out which one was best.

The NFL Wants a Piece of the $11 Billion Fantasy Football Market

The NFL released its new NFL Now app on Wednesday to establish a presence in the digital market and tap into the fantasy league profits.