Fantastic Delites

Waiting in Line Goes From Boring to Brutal in Free-Sample Stunt

How far are people willing to go, physically and emotionally, to get a free sample? Australian agency Clemenger BBDO continues its quest to find out by making consumers work hard (and sometimes look a bit foolish) for free Fantastic Delites rice snacks.

Brands Find the Link Between Viral Videos and Vending Machines

Digitally tricked-out vending machines keep popping up around the globe, surprising and delighting consumers with new gimmicks and free samples.

Agency Tests Snack Food’s Allure on Mindless Human Lab Rats

Australian mall rats dress up in mouse costumes and run on a giant wheel inside a cage in this latest installment of Clemenger BBDO's borderline sadistic "How far will you go for Fantastic Delites?" campaign for the flavored-rice-snack brand. Round and round they go, taking tumbles and battling exhaustion, egged on by a crowd and video messages on the screen of the snack dispenser: "Faster Faster Faster" and "Run Mousey Run." Those who generate enough speed earn a pack of Delites. If not, well, they were reduced to little more than sweaty vermin on public display. (It must've been hot inside those suits!)"Yes, the people in the video are people who were in the mall," says agency director Erik de Roos. "We did announce through the Fantastic Delites Facebook page that another challenge was coming up, without actually disclosing what the challenge entailed. Beyond this, we relied on the general public's interest and desire to participate. Of course, in order to demonstrate to the general public what was involved, we had to show them. As such, we had one predetermined person who kicked things off for us."

How Low Would You Go for Free Snacks?

What would you do for Fantastic Delites? I'm sorry, the phrase they're using is, "How far will you go for Fantastic Delites?" Same dif. The point is, would you mash a button 100 times for a free bag of Aussie rice snacks? How about 1,000? OK, 5,000?