Fall Preview

Legends of the Fall TV Season

Projecting a TV series’ long-term prospects on the basis of a single broadcast is a puzzling seasonal compulsion, a ritual on par with the creation of back-to-school macaroni art.

Who Will Emerge Victorious in These 5 Time Slots?

That last season was a disaster from a development standpoint is self-evident; only 10 freshman series were deemed worthy of renewal, leaving every network other than CBS with a schedule […]

5 New Broadcast Series Worth Checking Out This Fall

Feds, Cops and Fox Sleepy Hollow isn’t the only new broadcast series worthy of checking out this fall. Here, five more reasons to tune into the Big Four. (Caveat: Every show here could be canceled by Columbus Day.)

A Visit to the Set of Fox’s Sleepy Hollow [Gallery]

A Visit to the Set of Fox’s Sleepy Hollow

The sun is slowly dragging its way out of the earth and up the trunks of the black gum trees and loblolly pines when a silent figure appears from out of the fog.

Our Picks for the Best Fall Shows Across the Whole Media Spectrum

Ask anybody who writes about television about the future of programming and he will let you know the best shows aren't on broadcast anymore. Increasingly, they're not necessarily on TV.

Fall TV Preview: All That Glitters…

In its bounty of unknown pleasures, each new broadcast television season is a lot like Christmas or your eighth birthday.