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Facebook Is Testing Ad Placement on the Messenger Home Screen

Facebook users might soon see ads in another part of the coveted digital real estate—the Messenger app.

You Can Now Manage Accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Facebook Messenger Via One App

Social media directors for organizations and small-to-medium-sized businesses have evidently had a hard time simultaneously managing accounts for Facebook, Instagram and Facebook Messenger. So much so, in fact, that a number of them have evidently been juggling multiple iPhones to make it all work.

Michael Kors Is Dishing Out Discount Codes With a Casino-Themed Game on WeChat

Being single is big business in China.

Can’t Get a Creative Recruiter to Call You Back? No Worries, There’s a Bot for That

Job hunting is balls, especially when you're fresh to the industry and have little more to your name than some spec work and a wild hope. Where do all those LinkedIn job submissions go, anyway? Nowhere you can follow, my friend. The worst, though, is when you finally do get the recruiter's name and it's like trying to decrypt the Riddle of the Sphinx just to get them to look at you. That's why designer and maker Cassondra Bazelow is coding up Responsive Recruiter Bot, a Facebook Messenger bot that, if nothing else, will at least give you the time of day. (Just don't expect to get many words in edgewise.)

These 2 Brands Made a Facebook Messenger Bot to Draw Awareness to Ethiopia’s Water Crisis

Since launching Facebook Messenger bots earlier this year, brands like Trolli and American Express have built chatbots as a new way to interact with consumers.

The White House Is Now Using Facebook Messenger So You Can Chat With Obama

If you've ever thought of writing a letter to the president but were too lazy to swing by the post office, the process just got a whole lot easier.The White House has launched a chatbot for Facebook Messenger that lets any of the more than 1 billion users on the messaging app to send a note to President Barack Obama.

5 Ways Brands Are Incorporating Facebook Messenger Bots in Their Marketing

If you listen to Mark Zuckerberg these days, the future of marketing is chat, specifically within the Facebook Messenger app, with its 1 billion monthly users. Just three months after […]

6 Mobile Apps Hillary and Trump Should Use to Win Over Young Voters

The 2016 presidential election is drastically different from previous races when it comes to courting young voters, primarily because of the many popular mobile apps out today that didn't exist four years ago. And millennials, the most frequent users of such apps, are a demographic that can't be ignored.

How eBay Crafts Its Social Ads to Target Both Geeky Guys and Fashionistas

Over the past few years, it's become increasingly hard for social marketers to pick which sites and platforms are worth their time and investment and which ones are passing fads (R.I.P. Peach and Yo).For eBay, its social strategy spans 16 social networks and includes the usual mix of big platforms including Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest. But the brand is also putting big money and resources behind smaller, niche sites such as Imgur, We Heart It, Tango and Reddit that target specific audiences."The ecosystem is fragmented," said Llibert Argerich, global director of social and content at eBay. "There are more and more platforms that cater to more and more specific audiences. Those platforms are fragmented, but they're still very big."Photo-based Imgur, for instance, is geared towards geeky millennial guys and pulls in more than 150 million monthly active users. Meanwhile, female-focused social platform We Heart It hones in on women interested in fashion and lifestyle content, and has more than 40 million users."I didn't know Imgur 18 months ago," Argerich said.Then in July 2015, eBay ran one of the first promoted posts on Imgur, an online community notoriously averse to advertising. The ad promoted drones and explained the differences between the different types. It generated more than 800 comments.Surprisingly, users weren't turned off from the ads. "We started getting people saying, 'Wow. It's amazing. I want to work at the marketing department for eBay, doing posts for Imgur,'" Argerich said.So, the brand created a follow-up campaign to show users what it's like to be a marketer at eBay. The brand dressed up content creators in costumes that Imgur users could buy.

Trolli’s Facebook Messenger Bot Is a Mobile Tamagotchi Made for Millennials

Is the future of marketing to teens automated? Today candy brand Trolli is launching a Facebook Messenger chatbot that it hopes will open up a new way to talk to millennials.