Facebook Exchange

Facebook Is Shutting Down Its Desktop-Based Ad Retargeting Exchange

Facebook is shutting down Facebook Exchange and moving advertisers to newer products in a coordinated effort to focus more heavily on the social network's mobile-first advertising products.

Facebook’s New Custom Ad Tools Target an Audience From Desktop to Mobile

Facebook advertisers can now hit moving targets—users as they switch from laptops to smartphones to tablets. The social network announced new self-serve tools for marketers today that bring retargeted advertising to its mobile app for the first time.

Quantcast Enables Advertisers to Target Look-alikes via Facebook Exchange

Quantcast is announcing today an integration of its digital ad-buying product with Facebook Exchange, letting a brand target prospects on the social platform, as opposed to retargeting its We

Early Stats on How Facebook Exchange Ads Perform in News Feed

It was easy money to bet that matching up what is arguably Facebook's most valuable ad offering with its most valuable real estate would pay off.

MGM Defies Skeptics, Says Facebook Ads Paying Off

For every GM souring on Facebook ads, there seems to be an MGM that's sweet on them.

Facebook Exchange Rolls Into News Feed

Last summer, Facebook began letting advertisers retarget users with ads on the social network based on their off-Facebook browsing behavior through Facebook Exchange (FBX).

How Google’s Ad Tech Stacks Up

These days online advertising and enterprise software giants like Google, Adobe and AOL are assembling ad tech stacks that span the full spectrum of online ad buying and selling from advertiser to publisher.

Facebook Ads Will Soon Display AdChoices Icon

Facebook display ads will soon sport the advertising industry's AdChoices icon, allowing users to opt out of the billions of monthly behaviorally targeted ads that appear on the social network. The icon will begin appearing on ads served via the Facebook Exchange by the end of first quarter.

Facebook Execs Tout Mobile, Targeting

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s claim during the company’s fourth-quarter earnings call on Wednesday that “Today there is no argument: Facebook is a mobile company” may sound a bit hyperbolic for the social network, given its history as the desktop social hangout. But Facebook’s number prove otherwise.

AppNexus’s $75 Million Funding Round Quiets Acquisition, IPO Talk

2013 may finally be the year for consolidation in the advertising tech space, but as All Things D’s Peter Kafka tweeted on Thursday, AppNexus probably won’t get picked up any time soon.