Pandora Is Overhauling Its Ads to Amp Up Native Video for Mobile Users

Pandora is overhauling its ads to create a more dynamic experience for some 80 million monthly users—blending images and sound, and integrating native video into its mobile experience.

Starbucks Unveils New Store Concepts

Starbucks is diversifying its stores, with two new models unveiled this week.

Where Brands Go to be Born Again

Orange, apparently, is the real color of money.

Perspective: Message in a Bottle

For a long time now, the advertising of men’s colognes has featured two key ingredients: men, plus that universally presumed (if not scientifically proven) wisdom that a nice-smelling fella’s going to get the ladies. But while these two components can be found in the cologne ads on these pages, the ads themselves are nothing alike.