Why Walmart and Big 5 Sporting Goods May Benefit Greatly From Sports Authority’s Demise

The Sports Authority is shutting down its more than 400 stores by the end of August, so NinthDecimal ran a study to figure out which retailers may benefit from the 28-year-old sport

How Do You Brand Big Data?

Branding data is tough—and not just because many eyes glaze over when you start to talk about it. But in today’s media marketplace, it wouldn’t be wrong to think of the data world as a spreadsheety version of a gold rush, with everybody scurrying to stake their claim.

This Is How Your Financial Data Is Being Used to Serve You Ads

Wait, who sees my credit card bill, again?

Horizon’s Marianne Gambelli Discusses Television, Programmatic and Life After NBC


3 Burning Mobile Data Questions

Mobile is a hot topic here at the 5th I-Com Global Summit in Seville, Spain, where brands and agencies are trying to move forward an industry bogged down by buckets of data.

Confessions of a Data Broker

Not long ago, data brokers—companies that compile databases of consumer information and then sell them to marketers—toiled in the shadows of media and advertising, seen as largely responsible for those piles of junk mail. Then along came the Internet and the ability to track consumer browsing behavior, enabling data brokers to synch online and offline data.

Nielsen Partners With Credit-Check Giant Experian’s Marketing Side

Ever gotten a credit report on yourself? If so, you probably used data mining company Experian to get the information. Now, the company will be providing specific consumer info to Nielsen for use in the latter's online campaign ratings (OCR), adding more measurements to Nielsen's data, which already includes info from Facebook.

Direct Marketers Crank Up Lobbying Campaign

The direct marketing business, which is just about every company these days that uses data to more precisely target customers and prospects, could be in for the fight of its life.

FTC Launches Probe of Data Broker Privacy Practices

Last week's Congressional Bipartisan Privacy Caucus briefing on data brokers and privacy must have left quite an impression on Federal Trade Commission chairman Jon Leibowitz, who opened a probe today to study the privacy practices of the data broker industry.

That Data Is So You

Every marketer knows that consumer data can fetch a good price. But an emerging class of companies and services is offering tools that return to people control of their own online information. In some cases, they even plan to let users exchange their data for better deals and services.