Ad of the Day: Evian’s Babies Try Surfing, and Chilling With Gigi Hadid, in Global Campaign

Whether you find them adorable, hilarious, creepy—or maybe all of the above—Evian's famous advertising babies aren't going anywhere. And they return today with a splash in a new campaign from BETC Paris that includes a surfing-themed global commercial and North American outdoor ads starring Gigi Hadid.

Evian’s Cute and Clever Print Ads Reveal One-Half of Your Inner Child

Evian's famous ongoing ad campaign from BETC is all about sight gags showing adults as children. It's been enormously successful, at least in terms of staggering YouTube view counts on ads like "Roller Babies" and "Baby & Me," though some people find the whole thing cloying, even creepy.This new print campaign, though, is straightforward fun—without the CGI that can make the videos off-putting. The beach chair/cellphone one is particularly great. And the framing and simple product placement in each execution are perfect.

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Evian’s Real-Time Marketing Reaps Big Social Stats

Water brands aren’t typically known for envelope-pushing marketing programs. But new results from a recent Evian Twitter campaign that the brand shared with Adweek reveal how the marketer uses real-time campaigns to shell out product samples and build brand buzz.

Relativity Media Finds First CMO in Angela Courtin

Angela Courtin has been wooed away from Dentsu Aegis Network by Relativity Media, where she will serve as the company's first chief marketing officer. 

Olay’s Twins Study Tries to Tap Into Fountain of Youth

Olay wants to prove that its products really do make a difference on your skin. In order to hit home with its point, the company let one half of a set of twins try Olay Pro-X. The other wasn’t allowed to touch the product. 

Ad of the Day: Evian Spins a Familiar Web With a Dancing Baby Spider-Man

Evian has a long history of incorporating creepy CGI babies in its ads, and an equally long history of viewers gobbling it up like it's some variety of highly addictive crack cocaine.

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This year, Ylvis was a hero to most.The Norwegian duo's bizarre hit, The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?) was the biggest YouTube video of the year, at 273 million views and counting. Incredibly, Ylvis topped Harlem Shake, which was the Web video meme everyone was talking about for much of 2013. 

The 10 Most-Viral Ads of 2013 (So Far)

A forensic artist drawing a picture of a baby Clydesdale shipping its pants? Now that would be a viral commercial supernova.