Evan Williams

Ev Williams: Why I Don’t Care if Instagram Has More Users Than Twitter

This article first appeared, in a slightly different form, at Medium.com. 

Medium Sits Down With Jason Segel on Its First Web Video Series

Most people see Medium as a place ruled by the written word, but the blog platform doesn't want to be limited to plain text. It recently launched Foreword, its first video Web series, featuring conversations with famous writers.

Why Twitter Went With Such a Low IPO Price

That blue Twitter bird should be saying, “cheap, cheap.”The stock and value of the company are looking low to some, as the company prices shares ahead of its public offering set for early November.

Twitter Founders Look to Reboot Digital Publishing

Anytime Biz Stone and Evan Williams have any sort of announcement, the tech world listens. Late Tuesday, via a blog post, Williams, one of Twitter's co-founders, introduced the world to Medium, a new platform for online publishing. 

Twitter Co-Founders’ New Startup: Lift

Twitter co-founders Evan Williams and Biz Stone have revealed their much-awaited next project since leaving Twitter and relaunching the Obvious Corporation, the incubator that they started with Twitter vp of product Jason Goldman back in the mid-2000s.

Biz Stone Is Leaving Twitter

Twitter seems to have trouble getting its three co-founders to stick around. In 2008, Jack Dorsey was replaced as CEO by fellow co-founder Evan Williams, and two years later, Williams also stepped down. Then, this past March, Dorsey returned as product chief. Now, third co-founder Biz Stone has announced that he too is leaving day-to-day work at the company.