ESPN Thinks Women Need ‘Relationship-Based Rankings’ to Grasp Fantasy Football

ESPN thinks Fantasy Football is too complicated for the female brain to understand, so it's simplifying the stats into terms women will comprehend by posting "relationship-based rankings."

espnW Shows You How to Portray Women Athletes in Advertising

Those still annoyed by Roxy's sexualized portrayal of a woman athlete will enjoy this more kick-ass 30-second spot for espnW. The first brand promo for the ESPN property, it broke Tuesday night during the premiere of the film Pat XO, part of the

EspnW Nabs More Users, Brands

EspnW is starting to gain some traction.

Giant Facebook Photo Mosaic Celebrates 40 Years of Title IX

The celebrate the 40th anniversary of Title IX, the federal rule that requires equal support for women's college athletics, espnW is asking thousands of women on Facebook to contribute photos to a massive interactive mosaic.