In a Shift, Del Monte Picks Data-Focused Epsilon as Its New Creative Agency

Del Monte Foods, a major producer and distributor of primarily packaged food products around the world, picked Epsilon as its U.S. creative agency of record in a move that would appear to reflect a newfound focus on data-based marketing.

Infographic: Consumers Don’t Mind Hearing From Brands on Messaging Apps

With apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Snapchat vying with conventional SMS to be the preferred texting method, the line between social media and texting is more blurred than ever. And brands have a real chance to capitalize on this, according to a newly released study by Dallas-based marketing group Epsilon.

Grey Toronto Wins Grand Effie for Ads Urging Kroger to Change Its Open-Carry Gun Policy

Grey in Toronto nabbed the first Grand Effie award for a Canadian agency tonight at the Effie Awards.

This Study Shows Why Retailers Should Ramp Up Their Email Game for Millennials

Epsilon's new shopper behavior study may be the latest indication that millennial consumers are no longer spring chickens. In fact, they are using—and hold on to your ironic fedoras, folks—email more than people of other ages to find products and services. 

Infographic: a Holiday Preview of What Shoppers Want and Where They Want to Buy It

For many, the arrival of fall means two things: good TV and the onslaught of moralizing complaints from your great aunt that the Christmas season comes earlier and earlier each year. The truth is that more than a third of consumers begin shopping for Christmas at least nine months before the stockings are hung. The majority, however, start as soon as the leaves change.

Datalogix Nabs $45 Million Funding Round

Datalogix has raised $45 million to beef up its set of services that help advertisers close the loop between online promos and offline sales.

Confessions of a Data Broker

Not long ago, data brokers—companies that compile databases of consumer information and then sell them to marketers—toiled in the shadows of media and advertising, seen as largely responsible for those piles of junk mail. Then along came the Internet and the ability to track consumer browsing behavior, enabling data brokers to synch online and offline data.

Flowers Say It Better in FTD Ads That Could Have Said It Better

Judging from FTD's Valentine's Day ads, maybe love does mean having to say you're sorry after all. Four 60-second spots by Epsilon Chicago, designed to illustrate that "FTD says it best" for next week's holiday, put couples on a shiny red sofa that's more hot seat than love seat. They bicker about how the guys botched V-Day last year by giving the gals inappropriate gifts (or none at all), when a bouquet or basket from FTD would've worked wonders. In the best of the bunch, feathers fly. "I got her a parrot," brags our would-be Romeo. "He got me a freaking parrot," his lady-love moans. The guy says, "Oh my gosh, it is so cool … it's majestic … it's regal." She replies, "It's dirty … it stinks … it bites." These ads don't bite—they're amusing and well acted—but they do feel dated. The rhythm and style recall late-'90s/early-'00s sitcoms, with bird-brained guys and whiny women over-obsessing about their relationship woes. And why do we get youngish white hetero couples each time? Surely, in 2014, Cupid's raised his aim.

How Facebook’s Partner Categories Level the Playing Field—for Good

Facebook would seem to be an ideal ad vehicle for small local businesses. But it's never lived up to its promise. Until maybe now.

Facebook Opens Up Ad Targeting to Minivan-Driving, Baby Food-Buying Homemakers

There was a time when advertisers could only find an audience for their Facebook ads based on users’ Facebook-submitted information like gender, age and whether they like Pages about cooking.