Infographic: How Key Lifestyle Brands Resonate With Millennials, Gen Xers and Boomers

Y&R BAV Worldwide asked consumers to choose their favorite brands in specific categories. "Consumers of all ages want brands to feel personalized and meaningful to them," said Y&R BAV president Michael Sussman.

Samsung Signs Deutsch for B-to-B Work, Expanding Roster Yet Again

As major marketers like Microsoft and Kraft have moved toward consolidating their advertising business at fewer a

Here’s a Look at How Microsoft Makes Its Money in the Post-PC Era

Microsoft had to absorb a $7.5 billion loss because its plan to buy Nokia and then grab a bigger share of mobile devices mostly failed. The Redmond, Wash.-based company has a 3 percent share in the smartphone market, and its Surface device has only seen modest sales, $888 million last quarter.

Apple and IBM Join Forces to Boost Mobile Sales

Apple has partnered with IBM to give the mobile phone manufacturer fresh inroads into the business-to-business market.

JWT Joins Google’s Creative Roster

Add JWT to the list of creative agencies that work for Google.

Perspective: Something Borrowed

You almost have to feel bad for car-rental companies. OK, wait—not in the fiscal sense. Enterprise Holdings (parent of the Alamo, Enterprise and National brands) did $2.2 billion in business for Q3 2012 (up 34 percent over last year) and posted profits of $171 million.