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MailChimp Is Helping Small Businesses Integrate Facebook Ads With Email Marketing

MailChimp is evolving from being an email-marketing company to something that could soon resemble a more diverse marketing platform.

The Detroit Pistons Are Sending Emails That Change Every Time Fans Check Them

This Study Shows Why Retailers Should Ramp Up Their Email Game for Millennials

Epsilon's new shopper behavior study may be the latest indication that millennial consumers are no longer spring chickens. In fact, they are using—and hold on to your ironic fedoras, folks—email more than people of other ages to find products and services. 

Will GIF-Powered Emails Get More People RSVP’ing for Events?

GIFs have already overtaken brands' social media and online video. Next up: Email marketing.

3 Ways Email Is Embracing the Trends That Were Supposed to Make It Obsolete

The eulogy for email has been in slow-clap mode for a while.

In the Data Era, Theater Marketers Can No Longer Act Like Digital Understudies

Marketing for plays and musicals probably hasn't been this tough since the Great Depression—even on Broadway. Producers can largely thank the Internet and smartphones for that tough reality, though.

Square Is Using Customer Data to Create Targeted Email Campaigns for Brands

Linking up online and offline marketing is the ultimate challenge for bricks-and-mortar retailers these days.

Infographic: What Marketers Talked About Most in 2014

According to data from Salesforce, 86 percent of top marketers say building a holistic marketing approach is a top priority, but only 29 percent of companies say they actually have the structure in place. The data point is one of several findings compiled from the ad-tech vendor this year. In terms of tactics: email, social media and mobile continue to grow for brands.

Sony Is Targeting Influencers’ Real-Life Friends

Pursway claims it can tap into Facebook and other social nets to target email, direct mail and social media messages to the family and friends of influential buyers. Its platform, launched today and dubbed Pursway Connect, borrows machine-learning technology from anti-terrorism systems to scan and identify patterns while analyzing billions of pieces of data from open sources.

Gmail’s Unsubscribe Button Could Be a Huge Blow to Email Marketers

How many times have you wanted to unsubscribe from a commercial email list but didn't want to scroll all the way to the bottom of a message and then have to click through to an opt-out landing page that would ultimately require you to click a few more times? Too many times to count, right?