Ellie Kemper

Ellie Kemper Crashes Old Droga5 Ads in the Agency’s New Ads for Chase

Droga5's new work for Chase's Freedom Unlimited card is advertising about advertising. It stars Ellie Kemper, who amusingly points out how the world is inundated by commercials, billboards, product placement and more—but the upside to endless ads is that, thanks to Chase, you get 1.5 percent unlimited cash back on whatever they convince you to buy.

Kimmy Schmidt Is Blissfully Ignorant of Internet Acronyms in Netflix’s Season 2 Ads

Get ready to have some uncomfortable conversations with your parents when they ask you to explain these new ads for Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.Appearing across popular websites and in a variety of outdoor locations like bus shelters, billboards and subways, the campaign from Netflix and Burbank-based agency Midnight Oil promotes the debut of all episodes of Season 2 on Friday.

Facetime: a Social Spring

Netflix and AMC celebrated season premieres, Arianna Huffington inspired women athletes and Meredith execs hosted the Iconic Beauty Awards breakfast. 

Tituss Burgess From Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Now Has His Own Pinot Noir (Get It?)

Netflix's Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, the surprisingly upbeat comedy that gave the charming Ellie Kemper a starring role, will return later this spring. But we've already got a treat from the arguably the sitcom's biggest breakout star, Tituss Burgess.And that treat is wine. 

Ad of the Day: Ellie Kemper Helps Buick Get Quirky for Millennial Love

Kimmy Schmidt may be unbreakable. But hey, Ellie Kemper, give that retractable roof button a rest already! 

They Took My Show Away!

On the eve of the broadcast upfronts, fans of network television would do well to recall the lessons of the classic Late Night With David Letterman bit, “They Took My Show Away.” A series of lacerating observations about the state of TV programming disguised as a