Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s 5 Buzziest Tweets of the Election

Twitter has been front and center during this year's election season, and the Twitter-happy GOP nominee Donald Trump has had much to do with that.

Zipcar Is Offering Free Cars for Voters to Drive to the Polls on Election Day

Zipcar is making more than 7,000 cars free on election day to help its members get to the polls.

HillaryClinton.com’s New ‘BuzzFeed-esque’ Timeline Takes a Hammer to Trump’s Past

On Oct. 19, when Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump meet for the third and final presidential debate, rest assured that Clinton will verbally direct the millions of viewers to "go to HillaryClinton.com." She's done it during the first two debates, after all. 

Esquire Brings Back Satirical Magazine SPY to Make You Laugh, Not Cry, Over the Election

Does this election feel different to you?

Infographic: Who’s Watching Political Ads, and Are They Finishing Them?

As primary season reaches a fever pitch, campaigns want to get the best bang for their advertising buck. Digital ad company Conversant took a look at online video completion rates (VCR) along party lines, and delved even further into each candidate.

Microsoft’s Marketing Totally Backfired When CNN Used Its Devices as iPad Stands

Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 had a bad election night on CNN when the on-air talent used the device to prop up their iPads. Microsoft was a CNN partner as the results poured in, but any positive marketing spin thoroughly backfired, with the tablet relegated to a kickstand for its biggest rival.

First Mover: McKay Coppins

Specs Age 25 New gig Political editor, BuzzFeed

Synacor, Comcast Spotlight Team Up for Local Ad Play

Synacor and Comcast Spotlight are teaming up to create a point of access for advertisers looking for local TV spots.

Adweek’s Digital Guide to Election Apps and Sites

If the 2008 election cycle was dominated by the blog, then 2012 will most surely be the cycle defined by digital. Be it through apps, dashboards, social streams, livestream videos or interactive charts, publishers, candidates and media outlets are looking to make their mark in the digital space and cover the presidential race.

Adweek’s Digital Guide to Election Apps and Sites