How Do You ‘Invest Like a Woman’? Sallie Krawcheck Shows You With Ellevest’s First Ad

You've heard about all sorts of gaps that put women at a social disadvantage—like the wage gap and thigh gap, not to mention the pink tax. But have you heard of the investment gap? That's the gap that Sallie Krawcheck, Bank of America's former global wealth and investment management president—and one of the biggest female names on Wall Street—hopes to address with her new company, Ellevest. Ellevest is a robo-advisory that hinges on the notion that current investment offerings are poorly tailored to the specific needs of women: We live longer, our salaries peak faster, we're more likely to get smaller raises and take career breaks, and—topping things off!—we're also more risk-sensitive.

6 Digital Trends in 2017 That Will Redefine Influence and Interaction for Marketers

In 2016, we've seen mobile completely redefine how people interact with one another as well as with brands. And while social and mobile have had an indisputable impact on marketing, communications and business, in 2017, we're going to see old dogs with new tricks in areas such as content mixed with new dogs who want to change the game all together.

6 Social Media Archetypes for the Modern-Day Brand Influencer

Long before there was social advertising, there were archetypes. Not archetypes of brands, per se, but archetypes of the people we all admire and aspire to be. Those archetypes have […]

Edelman Hires Former Leo Burnett Exec, Moves Further Into Ad Agency Territory

In 2013, Edelman stunned the public relations industry by reversing its opposition to paid media placements as the world's largest communications firm effectively pivoted into marketing.

Ad of the Day: Adobe Gets Unlikely Artists to Create Together in Photoshop Campaign

Ask a tattooist and a master of gold-leaf design to collaborate on a work of art themed "Zero Compromise," and what do you get?

How Will Smith Changed His Entire Outlook on Life (and Why He’s Sorry for Wild Wild West)

CANNES, France—Even before achieving stardom at an impressively young age, Will Smith learned a lesson that would end up shaping his career while taking decades to truly sink in.

Here’s the Definitive Plan for Your Week at Cannes

The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity can be sensory (and scheduling) overload, whether you're a first-time attendee or a Palais pro. With so many options for things to do, […]

Designers, Can You Solve the Mystery Hidden Inside This Photoshop File?

Adobe and Edelman San Francisco had a surprise hit last Halloween with their "Photoshop Murder Mystery"—a crime hidden inside a Photoshop document, which designers could solve by sifting through the layers for clues. (The campaign won two Cannes Lions in PR, among other awards.) Now, Adobe is back—and heading to space—with an encore.

4 Ways Social Media Can Get Out of the Silo and Truly Evolve Your Marketing

Long gone are the early days when social media was the job of an intern or the responsibility of one person in an organization with few resources to support it. Today, "social" has matured into an integral part of a brand's marketing mix.

Jamie Oliver Gives Brands Advice and a Warning: Be Honest and Clear … Or Else

CANNES, France—Chef and health advocate Jamie Oliver was clearly an audience favorite at the Cannes Lions, but that's not to say he only had kind words for the marketing industry. Asked by moderator Richard Edelman for his advice to brands, Oliver was both succinct and firm.