This Year’s Most Anti-Consumerist Christmas Ad Is Also One of Its Loveliest

It's time for German supermarket chain Edeka's annual Christmas ad. And rather than being super macabre, it's super heartwarming.Edeka, of course, had the most notoriously dark Christmas ad of 2015, a spot that went viral around the world. But 2016's edition manages to remain relatively straightforward, while still delivering a delightful twist ending.It opens with—and remains dedicated, for the most part, to—familiar scenes of holiday season bustle and stress. Parents dash around trying to buy gifts, and cook, and clean, and shovel the walk, put on their winter tires, and tend to other tedious business.All the while, their children wait around, bored out of their minds, wishing someone would play with them, and getting no satisfaction.

See the Dark and Controversial Christmas Ad From Germany That Has Everyone Talking

Here's a candidate for either the saddest, or the most ridiculous, Christmas ad of 2015.With help from Jung von Matt, which created its smashing "Supergeil" ad last year, German supermarket chain Edeka tells the story of an old man who spends the holidays alone year after year, because his children and grandchildren are too busy to come visit him. This repeat offense is deftly illustrated with shots of the man sitting at a solo place setting, as tree decorations and outfits morph around him. But as the story progresses, it becomes difficult to cast blame: His progeny are scattered around the world, raising families of their own, doing—ahem—very important business things, and working as doctors. Of course, things take a familiar turn for the tragic when the old man finally dies, lonely and alone. Watch the video, without spoilers, below. 

Supermarket Surprises Shoppers by Playing ‘Jingle Bells’ Using the Checkout Scanners

Like it or not, you can't escape holiday cheer everywhere you go. Maybe you've already taken care of your shopping, too. But have you ever heard Christmas music coming from the very machines responsible for draining your bank account in the name of joy?Holiday shoppers at German supermarket Edeka have. In the stunt below, checkout clerks are seen scanning items so their registers beep and chirp just the right notes to play "Jingle Bells"—complete with a beatboxing percussion soloist. 

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In this week's best new commercials, Katy Perry and other famous women launch a new battle cry for CoverGirl. Jeff Gordon pulls another prank for PepsiMAX. British mobile company Three charms with the viral formula of cute girl plus singing kitty. Jägermeister speaks the language of its core audience with an artful surf-themed spot.

The World’s Weirdest Supermarket Ad Is Both Super Cool and Super Crazy

This wonderfully warped three-minute music-video commercial for Germany's Edeka supermarket chain certainly lives up to its title, "Supergeil," which can mean both "super cool" and "super sexy" (or "horny") in German.