An Angry Durex Punishes the World With Eggplant-Flavored Condoms

Flavored condoms generally come in sweet and fruity flavors, like strawberry, grape and banana. Now imagine one that tastes like eggplant.Durex is retaliating against the Unicode Consortium, after the tech-standardization overlord in August rejected the marketer's bid for an official condom emoji, by launching a gag campaign about the launch of a savory rubber based on the phallic purple plant—which, in millennials' texts about sex, has become a popular metaphor for dick.

Durex Created a Racy Online Art Museum to Get the Chinese Talking About Sex

Concerned that not enough people in China feel comfortable discussing sexuality, condom brand Durex worked with social marketing agency S-Lab to create an online sex museum that broaches the topic in the trippiest way possible. 

Durex Is Lobbying Very Hard Indeed for a Condom Emoji

In anticipation of World AIDS Day on Dec. 1, and based on the frightening revelation that 80 percent of 18- to 25-year-olds use emojis for basic communication, Durex is demanding a condom emoji from the Unicode Consortium's Emoji Subcommittee. (Yes, that is actually a thing.) And it needs your help.

YouTube Star Hannah Witton Gives Candid Advice About Sex in Durex Campaign

As brands continue to use popular YouTubers for ad campaign, Durex has found the perfect endorser with Hannah Witton—a vlogger whose non-branded content already includes plenty of talk about sex and relationships.

Top 10 Branded Videos: Durex’s Secret Bedroom Technology Takes Over YouTube

Durex's clever technology-bashing video is having a reverse effect, racking up 12 million views on this week's Adweek/Tubular top 10 branded video chart.

Durex Discovers Sexy Smartphone Technology That Helps Couples Get Closer in Bed

There's lots of sexy smartphone functionality out there, but not too much that's actually sexual. But now, Durex claims to have discovered phone technology that helps couples get closer in the bedroom.

How Facebook Targets Ads Globally Based on Users’ Phones

How do you get the word out about Durex in Indonesia or Coca-Cola in Kenya? How does Nestlé target consumers in rural India?

Durex Takes Down Flopping Soccer Players in Comically Ridiculous #DontFakeIt Ad

Don't fake it—on or off the football field—says Durex.The condom brand is hoping to capitalize on excitement around the World Cup—and particularly, the spectacular dives that players take while competing after barely getting touched—with a new #DontFakeIt campaign aimed at keeping consumers busy in the bedroom.

Durex Has an Idea for How to Spend Your Lights-Out Time During Earth Hour

Earth Hour—a worldwide event where people turn off their lights to raise awareness of energy consumption—will be March 29 from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. in your local time zone, which Durex says is a great time to use its product.

Durex’s Fundawear Lets You Reach Out and Touch Someone, Over the Internet

Durex Australia and agency Havas Worldwide in Sydney have invented Fundawear—underwear that's fun to wear because it allows your partner to remotely operate sensors and "touch" you over the Internet. Tickle her titties or send a jolt down under with electric pulses from sensors built into the underwear and controlled via a cellphone app. I guess when you can't be close enough to use a condom, it's the next best thing. The idea is just one of the brand's "Durexperiments" (why are science-y projects so popular in ads all of a sudden?). It's pretty awesome, and designed for viral success, but of course when they call it a world's first in the video, it's not. Remote-control sex toys have been around for ages. Many of the female ones are wearable, and you know there are even existing phone apps to control them long distance. But who gives a bleeping flip? It's a great experiment. Want your own pair? You have to enter a contest on Durex Austrialia's Facebook page. Or jury-rig a Tens unit.