Snickers Turned Its Preroll Ads Into Wacky Little Video Games You Can Actually Play

From Snickers' point of view, skipping its YouTube preroll ads is just as bad skipping one of the Mars candy brand's chocolaty treats when you're hungry. So, to boost viewer engagement in the prerolls, Impact BBDO in Dubai just unwrapped "Pre-Video Videogames"—ads you can actually play that are also packed with loud, silly hunger scenarios. 

This Clothing Retailer Has the Perfect Fashions for When a Burning Piano Falls on You

Last year, Middle Eastern clothing chain Centrepoint launched what surely ranks as the most existential retail campaign of all time. In "Sabotage," a charmingly fatalistic black-and-white spot from Impact BBDO Dubai, the brand stranded a pouting, nattily attired hero on some railroad tracks with a train fast approaching.Now, the marketer hits an even more harrowing note with a stylish monochrome commercial called "Lies." It uses a fiendishly fiery visual metaphor to remind us that life is full of nasty—often deadly—surprises that can come at us from anywhere, at any time, filling our day with heartache and despair.

Eat a Snickers or Risk Becoming a Frozen Husk of Your Former Self, Candy Bar Warns

When your scruffy, half-frozen future self travels back in time with a message of life-changing import, what are you going to do?Scarf down a Snickers, of course!That's the plot of this ad for the Mars candy bar from Impact BBDO in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, which puts a different spin on the time-tested "You're Not You When You're Hungry" template.

Clever McDonald’s Ads Show Classic Characters Getting the Best Deliveries Ever

Here's a simple and fun McDonald's campaign from Leo Burnett Dubai promoting the fast-food chain's delivery service, showing various characters receiving exactly what they love in a McDonald's bag. (Not McDonald's food, mind you, though you get the point.)And that's a key that the robot is getting, people. A key.Via Adeevee.

Dubai Resort Welcomes Giant Flock of Ghostly Bird-Humans in Odd JWT Ad

JWT Dubai teamed with FilmWorks and Psyop for this strange 80-second CGI-fest that shows travelers flocking to Atlantis, The Palm, a luxury resort in Dubai. And they "flock" in the literal sense of the word, moving through the sky without even flapping their arms, to escape the gray chill of London and Moscow for a taste of sun-soaked, beachfront opulence.

Candid Seat Belt PSAs Show You How to Use a Wheelchair and Change a Colostomy Bag

Here's an unpleasant if novel way to recommend the use of seat belts: Show people detailed instructions on dealing with injuries from not wearing one.Gyro's Dubai office did just that in a new campaign to educate people about the importance of wearing seat belts in the backseat of cars. The campaign, for a charity called Buckle Up in the Back, takes the form of instructional guides—"How to Get Around in a Wheelchair," "How to Change Your Colostomy Bag"—for dealing with injuries you can sustain from not wearing a seat belt.The guides are being tucked in the the seat pockets in the backs of taxis and rental cars in the UAE, where people will probably wish they didn't see them. The tagline is: "If you don't wear a seat belt, you're going to need all the help you can get.""Instead of just telling people they are wrong for not buckling up, we decided to accept that people are ignoring these kinds of public health messages and give advice of how to deal with the day-to-day consequences of life without seat belts," said Gyro Dubai creative group head Neil Harrison. "These guides illustrate a very realistic and unfortunate future that can easily be avoided by buckling up."Guides and credits below.

Agency Poaches Talent by Mailing Out Books With a Phone Hidden Inside

Ah, it's the old hollowed-out-book-with-a-phone-in-it trick!FP7 in Dubai got smart by taking a novel approach to avoid hefty headhunter fees. The shop placed cellphones inside die-cut, faux ad industry books and mailed the volumes to creatives it wished to hire.The volumes were impressively designed and personalized to match each recruit's interests. (The one using Coke's colors and type style, promising guidance for "Creating Campaigns for the Coolest Brands on the Planet," is especially impressive. The soft drink giant, always a good sport, should bring a lawsuit any day.)The phone number for FP7's executive creative director was programmed into each of the handsets.By using this "Poaching Phone" technique to poach talent, FP7 ultimately added four key staffers—an art director, a design chief and an award-winning creative team—and claims to have saved more than $80,000 in recruitment costs.Clearly, the project shows the agency's fun, creative spirit. But $80K for recruitment? I know Dubai's a pricey place, but $80K, really? Even paying $1,600 to make the books seems a tad excessive. Why not just call potential recruits, invite them to the office, or take them out for dinner? I guess today's recruits need a little more excitement than that.Ah well, what's the point of being in the ad biz if you can't execute a gloriously overproduced idea every now and then?

New Year’s Resolutions Color Quiet Week for Brands on YouTube

Last week—with New Year's Day smack in the middle—was relatively quiet for big branded Web video efforts.

Fanta-Flavored Print Ad Probably Not Quite as Tasty or Refreshing as Fanta Itself

I was just thinking how much I'd like to eat a magazine ad right about now, and along comes this edible effort from OgilvyOne in Dubai for citrus-flavored Fanta.