Drew Brees

NFL Star Colin Kaepernick: ‘Me and Social Media Have a Love-Hate Relationship’

National Football League fans watch a player's social media presence almost as closely as his on-the-field performance. No one knows that more than San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who admits that not everyone loves him online.

Did Larry Fitzgerald Really Catch All Those Footballs With One Hand in the Visa Checkout Ad?

Do you have a hard time believing that Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald caught all of those passes with one hand while using Visa Checkout with the other in that TV commercial?

Old Spice’s Man-Robot Sits Down With Drew Brees, and It’s Awkwardly Amusing

If watching Drew Brees talk to a hyper-awkward robot for six minutes is your kind of thing, then Old Spice has an ad for you.

Visa Rolls Out Online Payments Campaign for NFL Opening Day

Fall is around the corner, which to many Americans is synonomous with football season. Accordingly, Visa is reminding fans that its Checkout online payment system speeds purchases so they can get back to doing what's important, like rooting for their favorite team.

Perspective: Pass the Vicks

Medical authorities tell us that somewhere around 1 billion Americans will catch a cold this year—no small part of why marketing authorities tell us that advertising over-the-counter cough remedies is a good idea right about now, with cold season at its peak.

Cool, Brees: Saints QB Says NFL Deal Is at Hand

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees on Wednesday said a deal to finalize a new NFL collective bargaining agreement is “very close” to being done, adding that only “a few details” stand in the way of breaking the lockout.