Cross-Device Tracking Could Be Next Privacy Target in DC

The relatively new practice of tracking consumers across their digital devices in order to serve up more relevant advertising is beginning to draw scrutiny among Washington policymakers.

Mobile Gaming Ad Network Chartboost Raises $19 Million

Over the past two years, Chartboost has built its own business by helping mobile game developers run ads in each others’ games to attract players and revenue. That business can be best described as an ad network for mobile games, but “advertising is a word we don’t even use internally for Chartboost,” said co-founder and CEO Maria Alegre.

Now You Really Can Target That Same Person Across Devices, says Startup

Mobile ad startup Drawbridge came out of hiding in May with a plan to help brands retarget users on mobile the way they can on desktop and to link the two platforms, as well as tablets. And on Thursday the company’s is officially launching two products to back up its plan.