Dr Pepper Ten

Dr Pepper Ten Brings Back Fizzly Adams in Another Amusing Spoof of ’70s Beer Ads

IDEA: Masculinity was different in the '70s. It was gentler, hairier, John Denver-ier. And it was captured memorably in the outdoorsy beer ads of the era from brands like Coors and Hamm's.

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Grizzly Dude From ’70s Beer Ads Gets Lost, Wanders Into Modern Spot for Dr Pepper Ten

Oh, how I've longed to get away from it all and live in the woods, wild and free, with some guy in a bear suit as my only companion. The scruffy protagonist of Deutsch LA's new "Mountain Man" spot for Dr Pepper Ten is living that dream in a parody of macho '70s beer commercials that's as goofy as all outdoors. Our hero grows out his beard (itchy, most likely); eats bark off trees (not so tasty, one assumes); calls out for a hawk to fetch him an icy-cold can of the "manliest low-calorie soda in the history of mankind" (no eye-pecking—maybe next time); and gets taxied around by Mr. Bear paddling a canoe (all that fur must be hot as hell). Note to self: Order a bear suit. It commands respect, and I could stand to sweat off a few pounds. A few shorter executions plus credits after the jump.