Domain Names

The Guardian to Consolidate Web Properties Under One Domain

The Guardian on Friday announced plans to unite its digital properties under one Web domain:

Brands Facing Dot-Com Domain Identity Crisis

Companies looking to protect their brand identity on the Internet from phishers and cybersquatters will soon be faced with a dot-com identity crisis.

Brands Brace for Deluge of New Domains in April

The launch of hundreds of new top-level domains, such as dot-app, dot-music, even dot-sucks, is only two months away, and skittish advertisers are bracing for a return to the Web’s Wild West days.

Advertisers Push for Do Not Sell Internet Registry

As the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (Icann), the organization that manages the address system on the Internet, gets ready to flood the Web with hundreds of new top-level domain names, companies with brands to protect are increasingly worried that it's going to cost them millions of dollars in defensive registratio

Fast Chat: Donuts Inc. Co-Founder Jon Nevett

Among the list of 1,930 new top-level domain names requested, some of the generic extensions were already causing a stir, like .sucks and .wtf. These are just two of 307 applied for by a company that has the whimsical name of Donuts, Inc.

Another Icann Oops in Plan to Roll Out New Internet Domains

Icann, the International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, is quickly earning the nickname "I can't."

Icann’s Digital Archery: Let the Games Begin

Now that 1,930 applications for new top-level domain names have been submitted, what's next? The waiting game.

Reveal Day: Who Applied for Top-Level Domains

Reveal Day is here. The international organization in charge of top-level domain names on the Internet revealed during a press conference in London this morning that it has received applications for 1,930 new ones.

Master of Their Domains

Get ready for Reveal Day. On June 13, the international organization in charge of Internet domain names and addresses will reveal the companies and organizations around the world that have applied for more than 1,900 top-level domains (like dot-com, or dot-net) at $185,000 a pop.

Gavin McInnes Brings a Touch of Crazy to Ads for .XXX Domains

The Fearless Group continues its unsexy approach to advertising the .xxx domain registry with a pair of clips starring "godfather of hipsterdom" Gavin McInnes. He's a smarmy, middle-aged doofus with a goofy beard, sophomoric sense of humor and affinity for hot chicks—a description that probably fits the majority of producers and consumers of the domain's content. Gavin manages to project nerdy hipness with a touch of room-wrecking intensity lurking just beneath the surface. His performances make the spots fun and just a tad dangerous. That recipe seems well-suited to the world of adult entertainment. In one clip (which already has 1.3 million views on YouTube), Gavin shoots a wad at an exotic dancer. In another, his pal takes the wad full in the face. These are literally money shots, as we're talking about wads of cash, which represent potential savings and income for .xxx registrants. When it comes to stupidity, this stuff's hardcore. Second spot after the jump.