Dolce & Gabbana

Infographic: Here’s How Much Engagement Brands Got From Back-to-School Social Posts

Now that the back-to-school frenzy has died down, Origami Logic, a marketing analytics company based in Mountain View, Calif., reviewed the engagement that brands received from

How Arianna Huffington’s Idea for a Blog Changed the Media Industry Forever

In her book-lined office overlooking lower Broadway in New York, Arianna Huffington keeps a large sofa in the corner.

Instagram Absolutely Loved This Young Woman’s Snowboarding Stunt

It's a great time of year for sports, with the NBA Finals, the French Open in its final stretch, the World Cup almost here and the MLB regular season in full swing.

Scorsese Spot For Dolce & Gabbana Breaks Out on YouTube

When it comes to brands as publishers on YouTube, it's typically Red Bull or GoPro's world. But not last week. 

Perspective: Shifting Focus

Last year, Americans dropped $8.37 billion on prescription eyeglasses, according to the Vision Council—a good portion of that going to pay for high-end designer frames that, ordinary plastic though they be, fetch out-of-sight prices.

Ad of the Day: Dolce & Gabbana

Ah, perfume commercials. The beautiful women, the graceful music, the complete lack of logic . . . what's not to love? As the rest of the advertising industry moves forward, scent-inspired ads have stubbornly remained the same.

Dolce gets airbrush mad with McConaughey

After all the pointless airbrushing of already-attractive women in magazine ads, it's about time the men got a taste of it. And once again, the model doesn't need it. Matthew […]