Why Internet-Famous Dogs Are Fetching So Much Love From Brands

Social media influencers have transformed the way brands interact with consumers—and a lot of those influencers aren't human.

Kids Tell Sweet Stories About Where Puppies Come From, Only to Break Your Heart

Ask a group of kids where puppies come from, and they'll tell you wondrous stories of frolicking in Puppyland and playing with puppy friends. That's how The Humane Society of the United States begins its latest campaign launching on the glorious holiday that is National Dog Day. 

VW’s ‘Connected Dog’ App Lets Your Best Friend Walk Himself, So You Don’t Have To

Volkswagen has been having trouble with cars lately, so it's moved on to dogs.Or so it would appear from this latest prank video from the automaker's Dutch division and ad agency Achtung! You see, VW makes an app called My Volkswagen, which lets you control elements of your vehicle remotely. How cool would it be, VW thought, if they could make something similar for your dog?

Meet the Ridiculously Cute Pets That Come to Work at L.A.’s Canine-Crazy Ad Agencies

Striking that perfect work-life balance can be quite the challenge for those of us with little ones at home, their slobbery faces pressed up against the window, waiting for mom or dad to get home and give them some love—before they take it out on a favorite pair of shoes or all over that new rug.

Imgur’s Office Vibe Is Fun and Funky, Just Like the Internet’s Favorite Photo Platform

If you ever want to know what the kids are up to these days, head over to Imgur. The 6-year-old image-sharing and hosting community is home to millions of images, […]

This Adorable New Ad From IAMS Dog Food Is Guaranteed to Make You Cry

In 1999, IAMS released what the dog food maker calls its most effective spot—and what we call certainly its most blubber-worthy. "Casey" followed the story of a girl and her dog as they adorably grew up together. It played heartstrings like fiddles and produced the strongest growth rate for the brand.

Get a Real Friend, Because Yours Suck, Say Pedigree’s Great Ads for Dog Adoption

Here's a great little campaign for dog adoption by Pedigree and French agency CLM BBDO. Because a dog really will be your best friend, and a loyal one—unlike human best friends, who are constantly letting you down.

Ad of the Day: This Dog’s Incredible Journey Shows Why Family Vacations Should Include Pets

Any obsessive dog lover, or pet lover of any stripe, knows how leaving a furry friend behind can be the worst part of going on vacation. How can you part with that adorable little face for a whole week?

This Demo Video of a New Robot Dog Is Creepy, Cool and Pretty Crazy

Letter carriers should be afraid. Very afraid.Meet Spot, a 160-pound, four-legged, dog-like robot developed by Google-owned defense contractor Boston Dynamics.

Advertising Could Use Another Adorable Dog, Right? Sure It Could, Says Dr Pepper

Deutsch LA unleashes some potent adorbs for Dr Pepper in this ad starring a super-shaggy "mop dog"—a Hungarian herding pooch known as a Puli with a dreadlock-style corded coat.Try as it might, our lovable hero just can't seem to fit in. The stray hitches a ride with a Dr Pepper delivery dude, played by Domingo Molina, who memorably essayed a villain in early episodes of Breaking Bad, and they head for the pound. Will the guy keep the misfit pooch, validating the brand's new tagline, "Always be one of a kind," and giving us a three-hanky happy ending? C'mon, Krazy-8, what's your play?