Jeff Ross Does Drive-By Roastings for Dodge in Comedy Central Branded Spot

Many brands would want to stay clear of comedian Jeff Ross's no-holds-barred roasts for Comedy Central, but not Dodge.

Playboy Celebrates ‘Safe for Work’ Transition With a Massive Push Into Original Video

Playboy showed off its new, fully clothed self during its first-ever NewFronts presentation Friday afternoon at New York's Skylight Modern.

Advertisers Are Cozying Up to the New Playboy

Can Playboy really be, you know, Playboy without featuring photos of nude women? The iconic men's magazine is certainly hoping so, starting with its March issue, in an attempt to avoid the fate of what Playboy's chief executive Scott Flanders called "harvesting a melting ice cube of an aging demographic."

The 10 Best Ads Wieden + Kennedy Made for Chrysler and Dodge Over the Years

Today Fiat Chrysler Automobiles announced an end to its six-year partnership with Wieden + Kennedy. FCA, which owns brands including Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Maserati, said in a statement that now seemed like the right time for the two companies to split amicably.

Now It’s Official: More Google Searches Are Coming From Mobile Than Desktop

Following years of speculation about the demise of desktop-based search, Google is officially announcing today that for the first time, m

Six Automakers’ Super Bowl Ads Claim Spots On Top 10 Branded Video Chart

Despite the smaller-than-usual showing of automakers at this year's Super Bowl, six brands continue to rack up post- Big Game YouTube views on this week's Adweek/VidI

Ad of the Day: The Dodge Dart Makes Craig Robinson and Jake Johnson Hate Each Other

What would happen if you took one of the best characters from The Office and moved him next door to the undisputed best character from New Girl? This ad campaign. That's what would happen.

Advice from Elders Ad Goes Viral for Dodge

By the time you're 100, you’ve got plenty of advice to give.

Adweek’s Top 5 Commercials of the Week

You can learn a lot from this week's best new commercials. 

Dodge Celebrates 100 Years With Great New Ad Starring Centenarians

Elderly people tend to get short shrift in commercials, much as they do most everywhere in life. Kudos to Dodge and The Richards Group, then, for celebrating the automaker's 100th birthday by putting the spotlight on humans born around the same time.