Doctor Who

BBC America Teases 2 New Shows (and the Return of Doctor Who) at New York Comic-Con

What's one huge lesson Sarah Barnett, president of BBC America, has learned from events like Comic-Con?"Be superfans of your fans!"

Doctor Who on World Tour With New Star Peter Capaldi

British science fiction show Doctor Who is celebrating its 51th anniversary, 34th season, and the arrival of a new doctor with a seven-city world tour spanning five continents.

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special Breaks Records

UPDATE: NCM and BBC America released box office figures for the movie theater screenings: the 3D-enabled event took in gross receipts of some $4.77 from about 320,000 tickets for a per-theater average of $7,155.

Doctor Who Christmas Special Becomes BBC America’s Top Telecast

As it approaches the half-century mark, it's looking like Doctor Who may be BBC America's biggest transcontinental success. The Christmas Day special got just under a 1 in the demo—the best any telecast has ever done on the BBC's stateside network.

Cable Grows a Pair

Where, oh where is a broadcast show with some chest hair?

The 7 Best Nerds From the ‘Doctor Who’ Screening

When you're a small network like BBC America, it's rare that you're able to do something like crash by offering tickets to see one of your shows in a movie theater.

The 7 Best Nerds at the ‘Doctor Who’ Premiere

BBC America: Costumes, Yes; Drama, Yes; Buttoned-Up, No

Where to begin? There were the trapeze artists, who perched on giant rings hung from the ceiling and stretched into improbable positions. There were the burlesque dancers, who took off exactly enough of their outfits to stay suitable for basic cable TV (actually, let's say basic cable after 10 p.m.).

Information Diet: Matt Smith

What’s the first information you consume in the morning? The time from the alarm on my phone. What do you read or watch or listen to at the breakfast table?