Disney Channel

Disney Channel Sees Big CPM and Volume Gains as Toy Companies Expand Holiday Ad Buys

As more media companies pull within sight of the finish line, Disney Channel is the latest to conclude its upfront negotiations.

How Disney Channel Is Marketing Its Adventures in Babysitting Remake to Millennials

Add Disney Channel to the list of networks desperately trying to lure millennials to their programming.

Hulu Makes Big Kids Programming Push With New Disney Channel Deal

Hulu, Netflix and Amazon's battle for childrens programming has become just as heated as the one over shows for adults. Today, Hulu landed a big coup in its bid to attract kids to its service: a new deal to stream Disney Channel programming, which has traditionally aired on Netflix.

Disney Channel Relies on Its Beloved Brands (and New Apps) to Connect With Kids and Their Parents

Everything old is new again for the Disney Channel, which is reviving many of its most beloved brands for new series and movies it hopes will appeal to kids as well as their parents.

ABC Family Is Just the Latest Cable Network to Rebrand Itself With a New Name

ABC Family will change its name to Freeform in January because to be free is to be liberated, to be unbound, to be unadulterated. But in this case, it won't be truly free since Freeform will still be part of a basic cable or satellite package.But we digress.

Disney Channel Lets Down Its Hair and Makes Tangled a TV Series

Rapunzel lost her long locks at the end of the film Tangled, but her Disney adventures have just begun.Proving that it hasn't forgotten about its non-Frozen princess properties, Disney announced it is reviving the hit 2010 animated film as a new TV series set to debut on Disney Channel in 2017.

Disney Channel Schedules the Only Summer Movie Your Kids Will Care About

Forget Avengers: Age of Ultron and the upcoming Despicable Me spinoff Minions. For millions of kids, there's only one important movie debuting this summer: Teen Beach 2, the sequel to Teen Beach Movie, Disney Channel's 2013 surf musical.

The Rise and Fall and Rise of Hasbro’s TV Strategy

What looks like an entertainment company, spends like an entertainment company and programs like an entertainment company? It's Hasbro, a toymaker.

1980s Classic Adventures in Babysitting Is Getting a Disney Channel Reboot

Good news for '80s nostalgists: Disney Channel is rebooting Chris Columbus' 1987 Elisabeth Shue-centric comedy, Adventures in Babysitting.

What Women Watch on TV

In last season’s premiere of FX’s American Horror Story, two teenagers are lying on the bed, nervously making out. “I don’t want to hurt you,” says the boy, moments before having a seizure, bleeding profusely from his eyes, nose and mouth, and then dying.