Hillary Clinton Just Made the Best Use of Silent Autoplay With This Social Video Ad

If you're on one of the three major social networks, you're used to videos that play automatically when you scroll through your feed. In fact, you're probably so used to autoplay that you don't stop and watch the whole video or even turn on the sound.

A British Candy Brand Will Air This Funny Ad Entirely in Sign Language With No Subtitles

Channel 4 in Britain recently made one of the greatest ads ever about disability with "We're the Superhumans." The spot, timed to the 2016 Paralympic Games, was a follow-up to 2012's "Meet the Superhumans" but went well beyond the original to create its own brilliant, freewheeling world of fun.But it didn't end there. Channel 4 also dreamed up a companion contest called "Superhumans Wanted," which challenged U.K. brands to develop a bold, creative campaign with disability and diversity at its core.The winner has just been announced, and it's pretty great—though quite different than the larger-than-life "Superhumans" spots. It's a campaign for candy brand Maltesers, and the ads, by AMV BBDO, feature disabled actors telling amusing stories of awkward everyday situations that involved their disability in some way.

Lego Unveils Its First Disabled Minifigure in a Good Week for Inclusivity

Lego has released its first young disabled minifigure, and everyone wants to talk about it. I know what you're thinking. With all the millions of kinds of Legos out there, how could this possibly be a first?

A Girl With a Disability Appears as Princess Elsa in Target’s Halloween Ad

Not long after removing the gender labels in its toy section, Target has once again impressed the social justice wing of the Internet—this time by using a model with braces and arm crutches in a Halloween ad for children's costumes.

Honey Maid’s Latest Wholesome Family Features a Disabled Aunt and Her Niece

Honey Maid's campaign featuring inclusive depictions of American families moves forward today with a spot showing a disabled aunt and her niece making apple and cheddar melts together on their graham crackers.

Awkward Around People With Disabilities? These Ads Want to Help

Ever met someone with a disability and felt unsure what to say or how to even shake hands? If so, you're not alone, and British advocacy group Scope is here to help end the awkwardness.Grey London worked with Scope to create a campaign "based on the insight that most people don’t know how to act around disabled people—which usually doesn't come from deep-seated prejudice but is due, primarily, to 'innocent ignorance.'"The ads below show situations that almost anyone will recognize: How to shake a hand that isn't there, how to get the attention of someone you've realized is deaf and how to talk to someone in a wheelchair without looking like you're trying to comfort a child.Offering play-by-play commentary on the situations is Channel 4 presenter Alex Brooker, who was born with multiple disabilities and wears a prosthetic leg.The "End the Awkwardness" campaign strikes a great balance of tackling a real barrier between people while also avoiding the implication that you should feel like a monster for making the occasional social blunder. "We're extending the hand of friendship to those who feel awkward around disability," says Vicki Maguire, deputy ecd at Grey London. "This is not a blame game. There's often no malice involved—many people just don't know how to act. We've had great success with education through comedy, and our aim here is to remove the stigma that often exists around disability. It's time to break the ice."The campaign has a quiz to help determine your awkwardness level. Despite having friends with a wide range of disabilities, I tried to be honest with my answers and learned that I'm "a big dollop of cringe." The site's advice? "Next time you feel a nervous laugh or 'what the heck do I do now' coming on, stay calm and just remember, you can do this."

Ad of the Day: Powerade Tells Nico Calabria’s Amazing Story in Best World Cup Spot So Far

For decades, athletes saw emotional vulnerability as something to be shunned, a personal shortcoming that must be internalized and kept out of the limelight at all costs. Competitors seemed to hatch into life as fully formed adults—stoic, hardened and almost inhuman in their single-minded fortitude.

Ad of the Day: Saatchi Turns an Email Into a Beautiful Ad for World Down Syndrome Day

A pregnant mother recently sent an email to CoorDown, Italy's national organization for people with Down syndrome. The future mom had learned her unborn son had the genetic disorder, and she was scared."What kind of life will my child have?" she asked.

Ad of the Day: The World’s Most Amazing Mountain Climber Stars in Intel’s Latest Spot

Intel's "Look Inside" film series about inspiring people scales new heights in this 90-second spot about Erik Weihenmayer, who's beaten long odds to climb the world's seven tallest peaks.

Wheelchair Basketball Ad for Guinness Wins on a Buzzer Beater

The bond among true friends is one forged of iron—hardened, powerful and time-tested. Nothing strengthens that bond more than friendly competition—testing your physical abilities, challenging and pushing each other despite your disadvantage. Guinness captures the true essence of friendship in this poignant spot with a twist ending, part of its "Made of More" campaign.