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ShareThis Lands Acquisition, $23 Million Funding Round to Boost Mobile Business

As just about every company at the intersection of advertising and technology races to establish or advance its mobile business, social sharing platform ShareThis has quickened its pace with overlapping moves.

AT&T Kills T-Mobile Merger

AT&T's blockbuster deal to acquire T-Mobile for $39 billion from Deutsche Telekom is dead.

FCC Opts to Release Embarrassing Report on AT&T-T-Mobile Merger

The Federal Communications Commission officially granted AT&T and T-Mobile's request to withdraw their merger application on Tuesday. But that's where the good news ended for the telecoms.

Liberal Groups to FCC: Don’t Let AT&T Off the Hook

Liberal interest groups Public Knowledge and Media Access Project don't just want AT&T's $39 billion deal with T-Mobile to die—they want AT&T to suffer; they want the Federal Communications Commission to twist the knife as it kills the merger.

Deutsche Telekom gives tiny folks big ideas

This visually neat Deutsche Telekom spot from Germany uses time-lapse tilt-shift photography, which makes the people in it look insignificant, harried and vulnerable—like little action figures waiting to be crushed. […]