Del Monte

In a Shift, Del Monte Picks Data-Focused Epsilon as Its New Creative Agency

Del Monte Foods, a major producer and distributor of primarily packaged food products around the world, picked Epsilon as its U.S. creative agency of record in a move that would appear to reflect a newfound focus on data-based marketing.

Sports Illustrated Is Testing a New Type of Paywall

Sports Illustrated is testing a paywall that lets readers access its print articles early if they watch a 30-second video ad first.

Del Monte Solves the ‘Fresh From the Can’ Problem

Life has never been a bowl of peaches for canned-food brands. Even if you look past the fact that canning arose as a cheap and easy way for Napoleon to feed his armies, canned foods have a dubious legacy: Cans are for Spam, for hobo stew; it’s the food you stash in the basement in case of an emergency.

This Summer Could Be the Breakthrough in Mobile Advertising

With more smartphone users than ever, brands are preparing for what could be a break-through quarter in mobile advertising as consumers spend more time outdoors while constantly checking their iPhone or Samsung.

Meow Mix Brings Back Famous Jingle You Never Knew Was Gone

Cats rule the Internet. So, it seems odd that Meow Mix retired its famous advertising jingle in 1996, when the Web was just getting going. Singing cats meowing over and over? Seems like instant traffic gold. The Del Monte Foods brand certainly hopes so, as it's now bringing the jingle back, 16 years later, in ads from Draftfcb in San Francisco. Not that many people realize it ever left.