Syfy’s Transmedia Gamble Defiance Gets Off on the Right Foot

Easily NBCUniversal’s biggest cable launch this year, the $100 million-plus science fiction series Defiance bowed last night to 2.73 million total viewers. That puts its far ahead of the season-to-date average for Smash on Syfy’s sibling network NBC.

NBCUniversal Goes It Alone With Non-NewFront Event

NBCUniversal last month broke with the Digital Content NewFront posse of upfront presenters (taking its place: CBS Interactive). Now the company is planning a stand-alone, non-NewFront event it has dubbed “Digital.Amplified.”

Syfy Bets $105m on a TV Series and Video Game [Updated]

At the risk of stating the obvious, $105 million is a lot of money. That’s about what Comcast and NBCUniversal have shelled out on the new Syfy series and video game Defiance, a hybrid unlike anything you’ve seen on television. I mean your computer. Wait, make that your PlayStation.

Syfy Lures Dodge With Defiance

Defiance is coming April 1, and it's coming in a Mad Maxed-out Dodge Challenger. The massively multiplayer online game will drop at the beginning of the cruelest month, two weeks before the April 15 premiere of the television series on Syfy, and the stakes have rarely been higher for the network.

BBC Worldwide America’s ‘Sinbad’ Says ‘Open Sesame’ to Syfy

Finally, a show with the word "Sinbad" in the title that won't make you think of Jingle All the Way. BBC Worldwide America's Arabian Nights riff Sinbad is coming to NBCUniversal's cable network Syfy in April of next year.