deceptive advertising

Consumer Groups Claim That CarMax’s Ads Are Deceptive

A coalition of 11 consumer groups is calling on the Federal Trade Commision to investigate CarMax for using deceptive advertising, writes Chistopher Jensen for The New York Times.

FTC Says ‘No Way’ to Nissan Frontier-Pushing Dune Buggy Ad

"Man, no way, are you kidding?" That line of copy, uttered by a tank-topped dude in a Nissan Frontier ad, pretty much sums up the Federal Trade Commission's take on the ad's over-the-top demonstration showing a Frontier pickup truck pushing a stalled dune buggy up a precipitous slope.

Sprinkle, Eat and Pay Up Big Time: Sensa Sheds $26.5 Million to Settle FTC Charges

Sensa, the heavily advertised weight-loss product that promised dieters all they needed to do to was “sprinkle, eat and lose weight” will pay a hefty $26.5 million to settle charges with the Federal Trade Commission it deceived consumers.

Native Ad Workshop Leaves FTC Perplexed

A day-long examination of native advertising left regulators with no clear direction about how to police what has become digital media's hottest ad format.

IAB Sorts Out Native Ahead of FTC Workshop

Timed to coincide with the Federal Trade Commission's workshop this week on native advertising, the Interactive Advertising Bureau plans to release a prospectus on the industry's hottest ad format.

Do Ad Messages Have a Credibility Problem?

Noted critic of marketing Jonathan Salem Baskin will talk about how advertising is losing its credibility to anyone who will listen to him, he says, including a room full of marketing and advertising attorneys.

FTC’s Jessica Rich Lays Out Ambitious Ad Enforcement Agenda

Jessica Rich—the Federal Trade Commission’s front line to advertising regulation as director of the agency’s consumer protection bureau—is energetic and organized.

New York Attorney General Uses Fake Yogurt Shop to Crack Down on Fake Online Reviews

A fake yogurt shop in Brooklyn, N.Y., was used as the base for the New York attorney general's massive sting against fake online reviews. As a result of the yearlong undercover effort, dubbed "Operation Clean Turf," the state brought action against 19 companies.

FTC Continues Crackdown on Auto Ads

Too good-to-be-true auto dealer ads drove the Federal Trade Commission to action, charging two dealers in Maryland and Ohio with falsely advertising the cost or discounts for vehicles.

Baby App Company Stops Making Educational Claims in Ads

Baby app developer Open Solutions altered its educational claims for its baby apps five days after the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission that the claims were deceptive.