Ad of the Day: This Amazing New Gadget, the Quitbit, Tells You When Your Time Is Up

It doesn't time your run. It's for when your time runs out."

Grim Reaper Sings About Kids Dying in Unicef’s Insane Sound of Music Parody

The hills are alive with the sound of Unicef Sweden singing about cholera.

Peers Mourn the Death of 60 Minutes’ Bob Simon

Bob Simon, the 60 Minutes mainstay whose gentlemanly-but-stern TV reporting was among CBS News' enduring signatures for decades, died Wednesday night in New York City after a livery cab accident. He was 73. 

Ikea or Death: Can You Tell the Difference?

Pittsburgh ad agency Gatesman+Dave put together an online quiz called Ikea or Death that tests your knowledge of both Ikea products and heavy metal. The quiz gives you an ominous, Swedish-sounding word, and you choose whether it's the name of an Ikea product or a death metal band.

Helen Thomas, Pioneering White House Correspondent, Dies

Helen Thomas, the pioneering White House correspondent who was known for putting presidents on the hot seat and her signature signoff at press conferences, “Thank you, Mr. President,” died Saturday at the age of 92.

Dying Is Dumb and Hilarious in Adorable Australian PSA

Not since The Gashlycrumb Tinies has there been so much exquisitely hilarious death on display as in this animated PSA from McCann Australia for the Melbourne Metro train system.

Prestone Saves Your Car from Evil Grim-Reaper Tow Truck

The Grim Reaper is always a solid standby in advertising, and now he gets auto-pomorphized in this new Prestone campaign from The Richards Group in Dallas. In the new spot, the Reaper is an imposing black tow truck, biding his time in his rat-infested hovel for the next stalled engine or ice-covered windshield. Prestone products, the ad says, help drivers cheat the death of their cars by keeping them running in top condition. "The Reaper is humorous, fun work that shines a light on Prestone as the hero of the auto industry," says Chuck Schiller, brand creative at Richards. "It's incredibly relatable to today's consumers and the real threats they face on the road. We're excited to help solidify Prestone's reputation as the leading antifreeze/coolant." brightcove.createExperiences(); Credits below.

Death Is Just a Door to an Ad-Supported Afterlife

What if reincarnation were like buying an app? Would you be able to afford the premium version, or would you have to settle for an ad-supported afterlife? Could you pay the monthly licensing fees on memories that involve copyrighted material?

Facebook App Will Post Your Farewell to Friends If You Die

We recently wrote about the ad guy who sent out cards to friends and family this holiday despite having died several months earlier. Here's the Facebook version of that—an app called If I Die, which allows you to post farewell messages and videos on your Facebook wall after you pass away.

Adman Sends Holiday Cards From Beyond the Grave

Some folks say the holiday spirit is dead. And in the case of Bob McCully, a former ad executive at Ketchum in Pittsburgh who died in August at age 88, they've got a point. Every year McCully was known for sending humorous Christmas cards en masse. And this year, despite expectations to the contrary, was no different.