DDB West

Mary Moudry Opens S.F. Office for Consultants R3:JLB

R3 Worldwide has expanded its North American reach with the hire of Mary Moudry, the former CEO of DDB West, who is opening a San Francisco office for the consultancy's R3:JLB unit.

Top 10 Commercials of the Week

This week, Starbucks shows some love for the most hated day of the week, Dean Winters brings more mayhem for Allstate, and Internet Explorer—like many of us—is nostalgic for the '90s.

Ad of the Day: Manwich

These are very, very simple 15-second Manwich ads, but DDB West shot them like a boss. The casting and direction (by Lena Beug of Moxie Pictures) are truly incredible, and it doesn't hurt anything that Ron Swanson himself (fine, his name is Nick Offerman) narrates them.* "Who is manlier?" I ask you. No one. That is who.

Clorox Tries to Bleach the Sin Out of Las Vegas With Outdoor Ads

Las Vegas is a cesspool. Clorox is bleach. It's a match made in heaven. Last week during CES, DDB West began touting the brand's efficacy at cleaning up bodily fluids in a series of clever if fratty fill-in-the-blank taxi-top ads and billboards around Sin City. (Sample: "I ______ed all over my hotel room.") Because digital tie-ins are now obligatory, the billboards are interactive at bleachitaway.com/vegas, where Clorox's rabid fans, known for their partying, can submit their own unsavory phrases, then get a picture of an outdoor placement with their mad libs plugged in (and then share it with their friends). Because what happens there, stays there … until you plaster it across your Facebook page, where all the Clorox in the world won't get it out. Read all the variations below.

DDB West Adds a President

DDB has plucked a top executive from twofifteenmccann to help lead its West Coast operation. Mike Harris, chief strategy officer at twofifteenmccann, today assumes the new role of president of DDB West, which encompasses offices in San Francisco and Los Angeles. He’ll be based in San Francisco and work closely with DDB West CEO Mary Moudry.