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After 60 Years in Advertising, I Believe True Creativity Is More Powerful Than Ever

A good thing about getting old in this business is that you've actually lived through all the changes and survived the perennial predictions of ad agency extinction.

Darkly Comic Campaign Shows Women the Tool We Really Need to Ensure Gender Parity

For International Women's Day, the Young Minds for Gender Equality Foundation (YM4GE) is offering us a practical, immediate solution to the pay parity problem: The Business Bulge, a pair of underpants that provide women with enviable endowments for professional settings. 

DDB New York Grows Its Executive Creative Team With 2 Hires and a Promotion

DDB New York continues to expand its offering to clients with the appointment of three new executives in its creative department.

It’s Long Past Time for Creative Agencies to Move Outside Their Comfort Zone

Specs Current gig President and CEO of DDB New York Previous gig CEO of DDB Group Australia Twitter @brownchrisd

Omnicom Is Creating One Mega-Studio by Combining 3 Production Departments

This week, the Omnicom Group revealed its not-so-secret weapon in classic Transformers style.As part of an effort to more effectively serve a wide range of global clients across agencies, the holding company combined the New York-based studio production departments of BBDO, DDB and TBWA, forming a single entity called eg+ worldwide.

This Adorable New Ad From IAMS Dog Food Is Guaranteed to Make You Cry

In 1999, IAMS released what the dog food maker calls its most effective spot—and what we call certainly its most blubber-worthy. "Casey" followed the story of a girl and her dog as they adorably grew up together. It played heartstrings like fiddles and produced the strongest growth rate for the brand.

JWT’s Matt Eastwood Hates That Agencies Are So Down on Each Other

Photo: Alfred Maskeroni

A U.S. Open Billboard Is Being Updated Daily to Include the Most Memorable Moments

If you like good tennis and cool murals, then the U.S. Open has an advertising campaign for you.The tournament's organizers are paying an artist to climb up to a billboard each day of the competition and piece together a painting based on the event's notable moments and online chatter.The first eight installments have included, for example, interpretations of Gaël Monfis's crushing 110 miles-per-hour match winner, 15-year-old Catherine "CiCi" Bellis's on-court antics and Roger Federer's selfie with Michael Jordan.Each day's addition is livestreamed on Facebook and later recapped in a YouTube clip. The painter, Josh Cochran, whose previous credentials include spectacular Grammy-nominated album art for Ben Kweller, features heavily in the videos.DDB New York created the campaign, titled "Story of the Open," and tied it into social media with the hashtag "#StoryoftheOPEN."While viewers of the billboard over New York's Midtown Tunnel might not get the full effect without watching the videos for context, Cochran's illustrations are superb, and it's fun to see the mural take shape.

Sept. 11 Will Never Be Forgotten for This Dance Troupe

Production: Gold The New York City Ballet was in Parma, Italy, when the news arrived on Sept. 11, 2001, that the Twin Towers had been attacked. Heartbroken and almost 4,000 […]

How Between Two Ferns Landed Obama

The Originator Award Programming – Gold Rumpled comedian turned movie star Zach Galifianakis couldn’t believe his good fortune—seriously, he couldn’t grasp it. After being ushered through the White House gates […]