Modest Buzz for NewFront Content Based on Social Sharing Data

var unruly = window.unruly || {}; unruly.buzzBoxConfig = { publisherId: 169581, width: 652, height: 367, theme: 'light', chart: 'AdWeek_New_Fronts_Content', interval: 'all_time' }; Are people buzzing about all those Web video series rolled out during the NewFronts? It's hard to say. The industry is still miles away from a Nielsen-like overnight rating equivalent, despite its digital nature. And tracking buzz for TV shows is an inexact science, so gauging Web shows might as well be alchemy.  Still, we took a stab at it. Adweek provided Unruly Media with a random sampling of shows either introduced at the NewFronts or recently rolled out by the big Web video players. Here's the list we supplied: —Ricky Gervais' new YouTube channel —AOL's Little Women, Big Cars Season 2 —The LeBrons Season 2 trailer —AOL's Fetching —AOL's Candidly Nicole —Yahoo's Burning Love Season 3 —Yahoo's The Fuzz —Blip's Hipsterhood —Sony/Crackle's Comedian in Cars Getting Coffee —Univision's Salseras —Arrested Development Season 4 trailer

Do NewFronts Really Affect TV Pricing?

Google’s Eric Schmidt may have told an audience full of media buyers that Web video had already replaced television last week, but the ad industry isn’t so sure the NewFronts are going to make that much difference when it comes to moving ad dollars.

IAB Fires Back With an Open Letter to Digital Buyers

For a digital industry, these guys sure love their letters.

Digital Buyers Implore Ad Sellers to Get Their Act Together

Last week the online ad industry was abuzz over the Digital Content NewFronts.

AOL’s Armstrong Reflects on NewFront Season

AOL's exhibited revenue growth along with a solid upticks for its display ad business during its Q1 earnings call this morning.

The Story Behind AOL’s NewFront Deal

Is AOL winning the NewFronts so far? And did the company really sign a deal with an advertiser during its splashy event last week?

Hispanics Are the Most Digitally Savvy Group

There is no doubt the digital media universe continues to shift and evolve with the constant introduction of new platforms and ways for consumers to engage.

Here’s Our Scorecard for the 2013 NewFronts

Here’s Our Scorecard for the 2013 NewFronts

The stars were bigger, the venues sleeker, the lines longer. Close to 20 companies from Yahoo to Blip hosted NewFronts last week, earning generally strong reviews. "If last year was about the start of a movement, this year was about evolution and maturity," said Adam Shlachter, svp media, Digitas.

So, Why Exactly Is Zynga Hosting a NewFront?

You’ve had a rocky IPO.