David Hasselhoff

David Hasselhoff Reaches Peak Self-Parody in Promo for Kung Fury

Dinosaurs, fingerless gloves, punks, skateboards, hacking and traveling back in time to try to kill Hitler. It's everything you ever loved about the '80s in one film—now including David Hasslehoff. Kung Fury is a film that was funded on Kickstarter and is due to premiere May 28 on YouTube. The epic trailer for the film is what got the project funded, so they haven't released a new one. Instead, they've just put out a music video with David Hasselhoff who sings the lead track, "True Survivor." And it is going to make this film #TakeHoff.

Yes, Syfy Is Really Going to Call It ‘Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No’

Sharknado 3, for serious, is going to be subtitled Oh Hell No, as though the entire film was a guest on the Jerry Springer Show that just found out its husband was actually a woman and had been sleeping with its dad. Its dad being Sharknado 2: The Second One. Springer actually has a cameo in the third film, by the by.

David Hasselhoff Just Wants to Have Fun in His Zany Ads

There is something undeniably nostalgic about David "The Hoff" Hasselhoff that makes me feel as if I'm back in the '80s. His perfectly coifed hair. His overly dramatic one-liners. The somewhat automated way in which he moves. Whatever it is, it's magic.

Cumberland Farms Clerk Critically Injured Trying to Protect Cardboard Cutout of the Hoff

Stealing cardboard cutouts of the David Hasselhoff from Cumberland Farms is all fun and games until someone gets seriously hurt.

Thirsty for the Hoff? He’s Back, and Singing About Iced Coffee, for Cumberland Farms

Hey, David Hasselhoff, want to make a cheesy video? That rhetorical question came from East Coast convenience-store chain Cumberland Farms. His answer? Well, what do you think? The Hoff, long past the drunken sad-clown days of eating burgers off the floor, is firmly rooted once again in a self-deprecating happy-jokester period. He worked with Cumberland Farms last summer, and according to reports from the brand's ad agency, Full Contact in Boston, increased the chain's iced-coffee sales by a whopping 147 percent. (Thieves also became quite enamored with the cardboard cutouts of the Hoff placed outside the New England/Florida chain's stores.) This new campaign—more of a goofball Lonely Island-style music video—has the Hoff hang-gliding, skiing with dolphins and vamping on the beach, all while singing (er, "singing") and holding a ginormous Cumberland Farms Farmhouse Blend iced java. The clip already has 150,000 YouTube views and earned the Hoff and the marketer a prime spot on CNN's morning news show. (He called in by "surprise" on Monday. Watch the clip after the jump and see him get New Day's "When You Wish Upon a Star Award" for making somebody's dream come true.) The ad hits all the Hoff's infamous marks, like shots of his bare, preternaturally tanned chest, melodramatic song lyrics, wind-blown hair and knowing winks at the camera. Thirsty yet?

Hundreds of Hasselhoffs Stolen From Outside Cumberland Farms

Don't hassle the cardboard cutout of the Hoff! Or actually, whatever, go ahead—Cumberland Farms doesn't mind. The convenience-store chain, which mostly operates in New England and Florida, recently put up 570 cutouts of David Hasselhoff, its new brand spokesman, outside its stores.

Air New Zealand Crashes and Burns With Insipid Hasselhoff Video

Air New Zealand's sub-muppet mascot Rico could be described as appealing only if we change the definition of the word to "grating and unacceptable in the extreme." Likewise, watching the frizzy freak play a talk show host/psychiatrist in this "On the Skycouch With Rico" clip and trade double entendres with goofy pop icon David Hasselh

Hairy toddler Hoff promos A&E reality show

Did you know A&E were making a reality series about David Hasselhoff and his two daughters, who are "aspiring singers"? Well, they are. And to promote the Dec. 5 premiere, […]

Hasselhoff faces toughest fan in Norton ads

Leo Burnett's surrealist "Allow or Deny" campaign for Norton antivirus software, which brought us the "Dokken vs. Chicken" spot, is back with new ads featuring David Hasselhoff. Sporting the same […]

Hasselhoff is downright happy to be mocked

Comedy Central has some pretty enjoyable promos running for the network’s “Roast of David Hasselhoff,” which was recorded last night and airs Aug. 15. (The photo above is of a […]