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The X-Files Tackles Its Toughest Case Yet: Reviving TV Revivals

Last fall, the broadcast networks bet that the best way to attract viewers was by programming reboots and revivals of popular series and movies. However, Limitless, Minority Report, The Muppets and Heroes Reborn had limited success at reigniting that spark with audiences. Limitless is a hit for CBS.

David Duchovny Unravels the Mysteries of Twitter and Returning to The X-Files

Specs Age 55 Claim to fame Star of Fox's X-Files miniseries (premieres Jan. 24) and NBC's Aquarius Base New York

NBC Says It Will Renew Aquarius Despite Banishing the Show to Saturdays

Last month, NBC couldn't have been more enthusiastic about Aquarius, its new David Duchovny summer drama.

Why Networks Are Going for Broke This Summer

For decades, the broadcast networks took the idea of summer vacation quite literally—programming reruns and other filler content from June through mid-September, much to the frustration of advertisers.

David Duchovny Daydreams of Life as a Russian in Beer Ad Exalting the Motherland

Is Special Agent Mulder looking to defect? In a decidedly unexpected career move, David Duchovny appears in this two-and-a-half minute rah-rah-Russia commercial for Siberian Crown beer.

Sex addiction can mess up your advertising

The Showtime series Californication gets this week’s prize for most inopportune tagline. Given David Duchovny’s trip to rehab for sex addiction, the line "He’s in way too deep" could refer […]

Duchovny now taking whatever he’s given

With the shockingly poor box-office performance of The X-Files: I Want to Believe killing off the last vestige of his ’90s superstardom (Californication doesn’t count—no one watches that!), David Duchovny […]

Fox asking for it with ‘X-Files’ movie title

Is I Want to Believe a marketable title? Fox apparently thinks so, because the upcoming X-Files movie will be called The X-Files: I Want to Believe, using a line which, […]