David Carr

A Sexbot Hacked the Late David Carr’s Twitter, Underscoring Our Digital Vulnerability After Death

One of the truly new things born from the social media age involves "digital death." People who pass away leave behind Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, and their friends and families can visit such pages as if they are virtual gravesites. 

David Carr, Brian Williams and the Question of Forgiveness

What are we willing to forgive?

David Carr, NYT Media Columnist, Dies at 58

One of the media industry's most high-profile and insightful figures, David Carr of The New York Times died tonight at 58 after collapsing in the newsroom. 

Patch Dying? Then Why Is It Hiring?

AOL is pushing back against rumors of Patch’s imminent shutdown, so much so that it seems to still be hiring

Old Media, New Tricks

"You’ll notice we’ve got lots of electronics around—most of which we’ve taken apart,” says New York Times R&D Lab creative technologist Alexis Lloyd, casually sidestepping two turquoise exercise balls.

Journalists Weigh in on ‘Reporting it First’

The relentless news landscape of micro scoops can swallow up even the most reputable news organizations and journalists.

‘NYT’ Duo of Carr and Stelter Discuss Media Landscape

David Carr and Brian Stelter know how to put on a good show. Going for a little more than an hour, the Riggs and Murtaugh buddy duo from the Gray Lady entertained audiences at Internet Week with an oft-insightful conversation about all things media. Here are some highlights from the keynote.Print Still Moves the Needle

Hearst Magazines President Carey, Times’ Carr Face Off

When The New York Times’ David Carr is in the interviewer’s seat, it’s hard to tell who’s going to be the bigger attraction: the interviewee or Carr himself—especially now that he’s a movie star, thanks to the new documentary, Page One, about the Times' Media desk.