David Byrne

Ad of the Day: Warby Parker Goes Lofty With Second TV Spot

Do you dream of becoming the next Great American Novelist, and model your behavior accordingly? Do you get punched in the face in an old-timey boxing ring just so you'll have a story to tell about it? Do you sleep with The New York Times? Of course you do. You wear Warby Parker.

David Byrne’s Parody Apps Almost as Dumb as Real Ones

Former Talking Heads front man David Byrne, among others, will be part of a “Social Media” exhibit that goes up next month at the Pace Gallery in New York. Byrne contributed a collection of screenshots he made for fake iPhone apps of his own design. I do love me some David Byrne, but making fun of the vapidness of app culture isn't exactly cutting edge. Plenty of other folks have done it better—and without an art gallery's back-patting about their impact on human interaction. “Weaselface” sounds and looks like something my grandfather would have come up with. That said, it would be a nice break from the endless parade of apps that just make fart noises. Check out Byrne's app ideas after the jump.

Popcorn and Pitted Olives: The Heights of Human Innovation

"Life of a Man,” evidently the brainstorm of designer Pedro Hefs at Brazilian filmmaking shop Coletivo Centro, is a kaleidoscopic journey of color and weird narration, explaining how small tweaks of good things make them even better.